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Scandinavian design

Scandinavian Design and the Mid-Century Modern Chair

What is Scandinavian design?


Sleek and Minimal


Scandinavian design is famous for being sleek and minimal. A design movement that emerged in the early 20th century, the emphasis on simplicity and elegance is coupled with a focus on functionality.

Qualities such as minimalistic white walls and furniture with clean lines have found their way firmly into American interior design and architecture. Light wood floors and neutral color palettes are all over Pinterest. These things can be traced back to Scandinavian and Nordic countries. 


Natural and Sustainable


Scandinavian design has a strong relationship with nature. Organic materials are a large focus, reflecting that region’s environmental priorities. Wood furniture, light spaces, and house plants are large features of this style of interior design.

Another thing that defines this design movement is quality. This style wants products made to last. With quality items, Scandinavian design promotes “an unencumbered lifestyle devoid of excess consumerism” for individuals, and for the planet, it “challenges rampant consumerism and deepens our connection to nature.”


Mid-Century Modern Chair


Our Mid-Century Modern Chair would fit right into a space influenced by Scandinavian design. It prioritizes all the same important qualities. This chair has clean, simple lines and effortlessly combines beauty with functionality. Its natural and wood design and minimalism would look right at home in Nordic countries just as it will in your space. In addition, this chair is sustainable and strong, meaning that it will last for decades to come.


If you’re interested in the Eustis Chair Mid-Century Modern Chair, contact us here!

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