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American made chairs

American-Made Chairs

Why Purchase American Made Chairs? 


High Quality


American-made chairs are worth the added cost. Furniture made in America is more likely to be of a higher quality and more durable than mass-produced products made overseas. Because the quantity is their priority, imported furniture tends to be cheaply made with low-quality materials and with less care.


Support Local


Of course, another big reason to buy American-made furniture as an American consumer is that you’re buying local. There’s been a social push recently to buy local to invest in our communities. Even if you’re across the country, buying from an all-American company means that you’re helping keep money (and jobs) in America.

In addition, as a consumer, purchasing American-made furniture means that you can have pride in knowing exactly where your products were made and by whom.


Human Impact


As we’ve seen in countless media outlets, mass-produced furniture imported from overseas often involves unsafe working conditions and underpaid workers.

Nobody wants to unknowingly support a sweatshop type of environment. Buying furniture made in America guarantees that labor safety standards are higher and that wages are legal.


Environmental Impact


One of the many downsides of imported furniture is the negative effect on our planet. Cheap, flimsy products are more likely to break and end up as trash in a landfill. Adding items to a landfill creates more waste on our planet. Furthermore, furniture breaking earlier than it should means you must buy replacement chairs or tables. This contributes to all the issues (gas emissions, pollution, etc.) that go along with production, not to mention the upfront costs of purchasing new furniture yet again.

Simply put, American-made chairs made by a quality manufacturer are longer lasting. Longer-lasting furniture is infinitely better for the environment and your budget in the long run.


Customer Benefit


Buying furniture made here in America also has direct benefits for the customer. Companies that make their products locally tend to allow more customization options. Meanwhile, imported products likely only offer a limited range of pre-made designs. Therefore, by purchasing American, you get to have a piece of furniture that’s unique and ultimately more suited to you, your style, and your needs.


Our Part


Here at Eustis Chair, we are an all-American business dedicated to doing our part. We work hard every day to deliver the highest quality furniture to each of our customers. We know each of our customers by name and work hard to create the exact furniture they need to match their project. Countless other furniture companies (including some of our competitors) have looked beyond the border to lower labor costs. We believe manufacturing in the U.S is an investment in our country and our customers, for all the reasons listed above. We hope you do too.

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