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Antique Wood Reproduction Chair

Harvard Business School

Antique Wood Reproduction Chair

Harvard Business School is one of our best clients. Our business is located in Boston, extremely close to Cambridge, where Harvard is located. In addition, the founder of Eustis Chair was a Harvard Business School graduate. We have worked on countless project with Harvard university, installing many different chairs. In fact, a few of our chairs have been specifically created for Harvard’s faculties. They have come back countless times for our chairs because of their pristine elegance and extreme durability. In fact, many of our chairs have been reused and repurposed in their different facilities such as classrooms and dining halls. 

After 4 successful chair projects with Eustis Chair since 2001, Harvard Business School knew who to call to replace 28 failing chairs in their Baker Library. The previous chairs were only 5 years old. However, they were breaking at the joints. The weight of the hardwood and the daily wear and tear by students and staff put the chairs over the edge. They turned to use for chairs that would stand the test of time. Harvard and their board chose our Suffolk chair, an antique wood reproduction chair, engineered with our patented Eustis Joint®. The new chair should last another 100 years, or so. 

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