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Why are chairs so important to architects and architecture?

Importance of Chairs to Architects


Why are chairs so important to architecture? Even most large-scale building designers have produced chair models. This tradition is explained by art historian Agata Toromanoff in 2016.

In her book Chairs by Architects, Toromanoff says that architects often turn to chairs because people can have a more intimate relationship with them than they can with one of their buildings. A chair is perhaps the origin of furniture crafting, and certainly the most iconic interior design element.


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Architecture and Wood Chairs


The public’s “intimate relationship,” as described by Toromanoff, with chairs often involves wood. Wood is both a unique material and universally loved. No furniture material is quite as deeply embedded in human history as wood. Both beautiful and versatile, architects and designers continued to use wood to create new and interesting chairs.


The challenge of wood has been creatively interpreted in so many different ways. When architecture aims to evoke the warmth and elegant simplicity, wood chairs are the way to go. More and more, designers want to make the most of natural materials that soothe the anxiety caused by the constant sensory overloads of modern life. Wood chairs have an essential place in architecture.


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