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chair joinery

Why is chair joinery important?

The strength of a chair directly correlates to the strength of the joint. 


Long ago, chairs were actually made by joiners before chair-making became a profession in the 1800s. Along with doors, tables, and stairs, these craftsmen used their knowledge of joints to make strong chairs. Many of them lasted for decades, sometimes even hundreds of years.


With the outpouring of fast furniture, much less emphasis and care are put into chair joinery these days. That is one of the reasons why cheap furniture produced overseas often falls apart within months. Joinery is an exceptionally important part of making any chair. Without durable joints, a piece of furniture won’t stand the test of time. 


Our Eustis Joint


We firmly believe that resilience is all in the joints. Because endurance is key to our designs and to our customers, chair joinery is an essential part of our crafting process. The Eustis Joint® is the best joint in the industry with an unbeatable warranty of 20 years against all joint failures.


It was originally engineered by our founder, Robert H. Eustis, a retired professor from Stanford University. He developed a new way to join two pieces of hardwood using concealed steel rods and space-age adhesives. He designed hardwood chairs, without stretchers, that are stronger than our stretcher chairs. Eliminating the stretcher without sacrificing durability allows Eustis Chair to offer two lines of hardwood chairs. We offer elegant contemporary chairs with simple, clean lines as well as stacking chairs that are as durable as they are elegant and comfortable. 


Since our founding, the Eustis Joint® has set the industry standard for wood chairs. Our exceptional joint keeps chairs in full working capacity after decades of daily use. Thanks to the strength of our chair joinery, we guarantee our customers will never need to worry about sudden failures or replacement seating. You can rest easy knowing that Eustis Chair has you covered for years to come.


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