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Harvard Style Seating

Eustis Chair is honored to have worked several times with Harvard University. Several different of our chair designs are seen throughout campus. To have a close working relationship with such a storied institution is a privilege. In addition, our former owner, Fred Eustis, went to Harvard University and Harvard Business School.

Are you looking for Harvard-style seating? Here are some of the chairs we’ve manufactured for Harvard.


Eustis Mid-Century Modern Chair


The Mid-Century Modern chair is one example of Harvard-style seating. Harvard renovated Swartz Hall (formerly known as Andover Hall) from 2019-2021. Andover Hall, completed in 1911, housed the Andover Theological Seminary until Harvard bought the building in 1935. The Swartz Hall renovation was a large, two-year undertaking.


Ann Beha Architects and Eustis Chair collaborated to create a custom chair for the Harvard Divinity School. Like Harvard, Ann Beha’s practice is located in Boston. Their talented team plans, designs, and provides historic preservation for clients around the world. Eustis Chair designed and built 40 customized Mid-Century Modern chairs in sustainably-harvested Red Oak. These chairs feature our proprietary Eustis Joint. They come with a 20-year warranty but will last much longer. We knew that adding our own joint technology could make this transitional design a durable one that’ll last Harvard for decades. 


Eustis Merrimac Stacking Chair


Another example of Harvard-style seating is the Merrimac stacking chair. In 2006, Harvard ordered 203 Merrimac chairs to go into the Harvard Faculty Club. Our Merrimac chairs offer superior support and are great for lengthy business luncheons or meetings. They also stack easily 6-8 high, allowing for quick furniture rearranging or room cleaning. The new chairs pleased the faculty so much that Harvard Business School ordered 120 additional Merrimac stacking chairs for their own Faculty Club. 

Eustis Chair Merrimac.

Eustis Chair Merrimac.


In 2013, Harvard Business School ordered 111 more Merrimac stacking chairs for Crimson Commons. The 323 chairs they previously ordered were refinished a reupholstered. Harvard Business School utilized all 434 Merrimac stacking chairs for three years in Crimson Commons.

Harvard Business School also houses Concord chairs and Ivy League chairs by Eustis Chair.


Eustis Kennedy Chair


Last but not least, we have the Kennedy Chair, if you’re interested in Harvard-style seating. Eustis Chair first created this design for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2008. Modeled after a classic bank of England style, this chair combines tradition with a more contemporary feel to it. We created this chair by adding a customizable upholstered back to our timeless Federal Reserve chair. The Kennedy Chair is extremely comfortable, fitted with a cushioned and supportive back. It is perfect for any dining hall, banquet, or library venue. 


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