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Carr chapel

Carr Chapel at TCU: Featured Installation

TCU Past and Present 


Texas Christian University was established in 1873. It is located three miles from downtown Fort Worth Texas. The school is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ. TCU is a highly regarded university in the United States. In fact, TCU ranks number 80 by the US and World Report News. The school offers 117 undergraduate majors. The most popular majors are business, education, communications, and nursing. In fact, the Neely School of Business at TCU is ranked the 28th best business school in the US. 


Carr Chapel at TCU 


As TCU is a religious-based institution, the chapel has become an important part of campus and the surrounding community life. Campus officials dedicated the chapel in 1954. Interestingly, in the 1950s students protested the construction of the chapel because the bricks used in the construction didn’t match the rest of the campus.


Renovation of Carr Chapel


The campus renovated the chapel in 2016. Designers created the chapel to now be handicap accessible and to feature some of the well-known TCU purple.


Along with this renovation, Eustis Chair created 32 Boise Stack chairs in beech. Boise chairs, by Eustis Chair, are perfect for a chapel as we designed them to stack up to ten chairs high and last for decades. The chapel hosts around 15,000 people per year and around 100 weddings, so durable chairs are a must.


Eustis Chair


We are so proud to have our products in the beautiful Carr Chapel. This is just one of the many spiritual centers that we have chairs in. Check out some of our other spiritual installations here!

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