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Pricing Guide for Eustis Chair

How much do Eustis Chair stacking chairs cost?


Eustis Chair specializes in custom projects. This means that exact prices will vary from order to order. 


What impacts the cost of custom wood chairs?


Eustis Chair has over 100 different hardwood chair designs in our line. We custom manufacture each purchase of furniture to meet the needs of your institution. In addition, we can make simple changes to an existing design in our line. For example, we can switch out the slats in the back of a chair, reshape the back splat, or ease the seating angle. Arms are available as an option for most of our chairs. The add-on cost for arms for most chairs is currently $50 per chair. We can also convert most of our stacking chair designs into non-stacking ones, and vice versus, often without even the need for a prototype chair.


Furthermore, Eustis Chair is able to reproduce other chair designs that are no longer made or have never been made for institutional use. And if none of the chair designs in our current line can be altered to make the chair you want, we can discuss options for a completely new design. All of these customizations, including packaging and delivery, impact the cost.


Pricing Guide 


Because we only manufacture chairs for specific orders and offer a wide variety of customizations on all our designs, our chairs cannot be ordered right from a “catalog.” Therefore, we do not attempt to publish prices directly online. However, we can offer some guidance for you to plan for a possible purchase of our products.

A minimum Eustis Chair order quantity is 10 chairs. We have price breaks at 25 chairs, 50 chairs, 100 chairs, 200 chairs, 300 chairs, and 400 chairs. 


For a personal price estimate based on your potential order, contact us.

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