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sorority chairs

Sorority Chairs


Eustis Chair manufactures sorority chairs. In fact, we have made wooden chairs for a number of sororities at recognizable universities across the country. We are well-known for the chairs we make for college libraries, dining halls, and classrooms. In fact, our online catalog has designated sections for school chairs due to their popularity. But universities, of course, extend beyond libraries, dining halls, and classrooms. Sororities love our chairs because they are built to last. In fact, our stacking chairs come with an unmatched 20-year warranty. 


Is your sorority interested in hardwood chairs? Let’s take a look at some of our featured sorority chair projects.


Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Texas


This southern sorority is home to over 70 Merrimac Chairs. Alpha Delta Pi was founded in 1851 and was one of the first Greek life societies created for women. in 2018, Eustis Chair worked with Sparrow Interiors to provide chairs that are both elegant and long-lasting. Thanks to Eustis Joint, the Merrimac is much stronger than a chair with traditional joinery. Durable to withstand the test of time and versatile for any event, these sorority chairs will last ADPi for decades to come.


Phi Mu at the University of Florida


In 2012, Phi Mu, Alpha Nu underwent renovation. In addition to changes to the sorority house, they needed 200 new dining room chairs. They chose the University Club Chair by Eustis Chair. In addition to beauty and comfort, these sorority chairs stack up to 10 high. Phi Mu was impressed with their stacking ability and how much storage space the chairs save. 


Pi Beta Pi at Ohio University


\Like ADPi at UT, the Pi Beta Pi at Ohio University sorority purchased Merrimac Chairs. Phi Beta Phi renovated its dining room and needed reliable stacking chairs. They picked the Eustis Chair Merrimac because of its 20-year warranty and its impressive ability to stack up to 10 chairs high. Because of the strong joinery, these elegant chairs will serve the women of Phi Beta Phi for a lifetime.


Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Kentucky


This sorority chapter is a relatively new one, having opened in 2016. To go along with their beautiful new chapter house, Alpha Chi Omega worked with PDR Interiors to bring furniture into the space. They settled on one of our most popular chairs, the Eustis Chair Bohemian Stack. This stacking chair has a minimalist design that is both elegant and sturdy. Finding the perfect sorority chair to stay in a chapter house for decades to come is a hard task. Sorority houses are a home away from home for the women living there. They need furniture to withstand the constant use year after year. But the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at UK can rest assured that these chairs will serve them well.


If you’re interested in quality sorority chairs for your chapter, contact us here.

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