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Versatile Furniture: Custom Bar Stools

Custom Barstools: Eustis Chair


Modern, custom barstools are versatile pieces of furniture that are used in restaurants, houses, and even in offices. In the past, chairs and stools were used as a sign of wealth and prestige. Because of this, people who had more extravagant chairs were assumed to be wealthier and of a higher status. Eventually, in the 1800s bars started to use stools for their patrons. This evolution continued and gave way to the modern barstool as we know it today.


Modern Barstools


According to Architectural Digest, barstools will continue to evolve into more than just something to sit on when you order a drink. From bars to restaurants, to homes, the transition continues. More and more offices are adding bar stools for employees to use. This is because stools and bar stools create a relaxed, atmosphere for people to work, meet, and congregate.  

Eustis Chair designs and manufactures bar stools that help create a relaxed atmosphere for a variety of high-use spaces. We make bar stools for country clubs, fine dining restaurants, ballparks, and more. Every one of our bar stools can be customized to match your project. With refined detail and superior comfort, there’s no better choice than Eustis Chair.


Eustis Chair Options


Jenkins Bar Stool 


To start, we can make our contemporary and cleaned lined Jenkins bar stool with a variety of fabrics and wood species. This barstool was based on our popular Jenkins hardwood chair. Additionally, it features include an upholstered seat and great back support. Finally, The Jenkins bar stool is made with the signature Eustis Joint. It comes with a 20-year warranty. 



Medford Bar Stool 

medford-eustis-chair-bar stool

This is another contemporary bar stool by Eustis Chair. The Medford is a quality and durable option. Some features of our incredible chair are the upholstered seat and stylish back slats that are curved for comfort. 


Recently, the Red Sox organization ordered Medford Bar Stools. Our bar stool offers comfort and style for visitors to the State Street pavilion in the stadium. Check out our blog post about this installation here!


Novato Bar Stool 


This Eustis Chair bar stool was inspired by our Novato chair. We made the Novato bar stool with high-quality wood and the signature Eustis Joint to be extremely durable. This bar stool has room for engraving on the top rail and a comfortable back slat. This bar stool is perfect for any high-use space and will last for years to come!   


Simmons Bar Stool


This design is based on our popular Simmons chair. It includes a comfortable upholstered seat, an elegant footrest, and a stylish backrest and top rail. Additionally, this chair is compatible with almost any wood species or fabrics. As with all of our products, this chair comes with a 20-year warranty. 


Willard Bar Stool 


Lastly, the popular Willard Chair was our inspiration for this bar stool. We made this Eustis Chair bar stool more rugged styled than our other options. The Willard bar stool works great in high-use spaces as it is the perfect chair height and has clean lines to fit into many different style spaces. 


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As more and more spaces look to become adaptable, they are turning to custom barstools. Take a look at our collection of barstools here and see how we can help with your design needs! 


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