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Four Areas to Upgrade in Your Renovation

A chair renovation is only part of the equation


More often than not, our chairs are part of a larger renovation project. Every industry has different needs during a remodel, but we see consistent similarities in the chair renovation projects we help with. For those working without a designer or coordinator, we’ve put together ideas for your top concerns. You must translate your needs into physical changes. Your space could need anything from minor to major renovations – what, specifically, needs to be upgraded?


1. The Seating

Every one of our clients understands the importance of seating. The vast majority of your regular visitors will be conducting business or pleasure while seated, making furnishings an essential concern. If your chairs are uncomfortable or rickety, no one will want to stay in them for long. For your chair renovation project, find chairs that will be comfortable, pleasing, and that will outlast the daily rigors of a busy space.


2. The Flooring

Popular options include tile or wood flooring, which are resistant to breakage and easy to clean. Some buildings, like libraries, spring for carpet flooring as it better absorbs sound, making for quieter acoustics and a more peaceful environment. However, carpet is also harder to clean spilled food and drink from; if your institution allows food and drink into certain sections, consider how often you see messes happen and whether carpet is the sensible option.


3. The Lighting

If your lighting is old enough, its loud humming or inefficient placement could spell grief when it doesn’t have to. This could be your opportunity to flood your building or room with natural lighting, whether that’s adding additional windows or brand-new skylights. A quicker solution could also be installing better overhead lights or lamps on strategically-placed tables.


4. The Decor

When clients spring for our chairs, they’re looking for styles that complement their architecture and interior design. It may not be necessary to upgrade the building’s stylistic elements, but if the building’s construction is outdated it’s a good idea to consider changing it to something more welcoming. Timeless styles, like Gothic Revival or Renaissance Revival, lend themselves to very particular details. Others, like Modernism, are more forgiving. For ideas, your designers or visitors can offer excellent ideas for your consideration.


Need more assistance?

Our decades of renovation assistance can serve you well in your decision-making. Let us know your design vision and we can get you to that remodel dream!

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