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Eustis Chair’s New Table Line: Samples Completed

trestle school dining tables

Tables to Match your Eustis Chairs


The samples are now complete for our first few table designs. Our newest offerings will revolutionize school dining tables, the fine dining market, and more. The table on the left, our Trestle table, will be a staple in our line for college and university dining. Its classic design is very popular for this market, partly for its classic traditional lines and partly for its superior durability. Our Trestle table has been engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®; this comes with a 20-year warranty, providing a service life of 30-50 years. We offer the Trestle table in 6’ and 8’ versions, as well as custom sizes to best fit your signature space. We are also offering a round table with our same trestle base.

club dining wood tables


The table on the right is a 60” round table, 1 ¼” thick, using our proprietary TLP Joint. With the same  technology as our Eustis Joint®, these tables do not require aprons or other forms of leg support. Because of the lack of aprons, these school dining tables are available with a variety of leg designs to suit your dining hall or dining room décor. We call this leg the Contemporary, an excellent option for in a more modern setting. This table will seat eight students comfortably, depending on the type of chairs you will use. We will also offer a 72” round table for seating ten to twelve students.


Our unparalleled standards for long-lasting woodworking has made us an industry leader in our niche work. From America’s top universities and country clubs to historic schools and libraries, every one of our customers know they can rely on our craftsmanship for a lifetime. There is nothing on the market that can stand up to daily strains like a Eustis Chair product will.


Look for the complete table offering on our website soon.

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