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See Eustis Chairs in Action With Virtual Tours

Now you can view high quality wood Eustis Chairs from the comfort of your home.


Have you ever wanted to go beyond our photos of featured projects and take a tour yourself? Thanks to the wonders of technology, now you can with virtual tours! Our seating is found in a variety of institutions all over America . For example, check out the most prestigious country clubs and educational institutions to theaters, conference rooms, and restaurant establishments. Similarly, you can see several examples of our high quality wood chairs in our installation galleries.  No matter the space or setting, Eustis Chair can beautifully enhance its usability. Our chairs are ready for decades of work!


One place ready for said work is the Huron River Club in the metro Detroit area. First established in the Roaring Twenties, its lodge-style clubhouse embraces its rustic setting and amenities with fervor. They loved our Eustis Chairs so much that they became a repeat customer, purchasing almost two hundred chairs in 2013 and a hundred more in 2017. You can see the State chair in both the Fireside Room and the Rennard Room.


The Huron River Club Virtual Tours


Another beautiful setting for our chairs comes from Brewster Academy, nestled on a lake shore campus in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Further, since its 1820 founding it has been a pillar for its local community, which includes hosting the Great Waters Music Festival since 1995. Their designers came to us for their dining hall renovation in 2012 and installed that same year. Similarly, the specifications called for wood chairs that were lightweight and easy to stack. Their Merrimac chairs are front and center on their site panorama.


Brewster Academy Dining Tour


New Hampshire is also home to the Woodshed Restaurant in Moultonborough, so beloved by its customers that it was given new life after a devastating fire. Its unbeatable New England charm paired best with our Charleston chairs, and it reopened in 2016 to raving acclaim. The restaurant operates within a nineteenth-century barn, with its wood beams and walls proof of hardwood being the best construction material!

The Woodshed Restaurant Virtual Tours


Hungry for more? Reach out to us and see where Eustis Chairs are near you! Our seating is in practically every major city, and we can send you in the right direction for seeing them yourself.

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