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ALA Virtual 2021

ALA Virtual 2021

Library Renovations and the 2021 American Library Association Conference


From June 23 – June 29, Eustis Chair will exhibit at the 2021 Virtual American Library Association convention (ALA). Eustis Chair has been a proud exhibitor at the conference since 2003. This is our 18th year attending ALA.


The yearly ALA convention holds a special place in our hearts as library renovations are a core component of our business. In other words, over half of our chair designs are specifically geared toward library use. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with libraries across the nation!


Come visit us at the Eustis Chair booth and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any future renovation project or library upgrades. Whether you’re thinking about a renovation, starting the planning stages, or ready make bigger decisions, let us help! Pick up our free Library Renovation Guide and allow us to aid you in your upcoming project. Urgent questions? Please contact us anytime online or at 978-827-3103. We look forward to meeting you virtually!


About ALA


ALA is the largest library association in the world. It is also the oldest. They hold a conference annually each summer. It is the world’s biggest library event! There are typically 25,000 people in attendance. There are around 2,500 events during the conference. It brings together subject matter experts, authors, and influencers in the field. The goal is to update policies, share information, and make announcements. The discussions that happen here transform the landscape and are often covered by the media.

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