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New York City Furniture: Featured Projects

Eustis Chair has partnered with respected institutions all over the country. We are always proud to share the projects we’ve worked on. Here is a look at some of the New York city furniture projects we’ve been a part of.


Library Projects


Eustis Chair manufactures furniture for several New York City libraries. We make chairs for academic libraries, such as the Touro College Library. Eustis Chair also designs and manufactures chairs for public libraries. One of our featured projects is the renovation of the Rose Reading Room at the New York City Public Library. For two years, this room of the NYC Public library was closed to the public. In 2018, Eustis Chair completed 504 Rose Reading Room antique reproduction chairs to perfectly match the originals. These replacement chairs are so sturdy and beautiful. They withstand the daily use of patrons and will last the New York Public Library for decades to come.



Club Projects


Eustis Chair has worked with several clubs to provide New York City furniture. One example is the Yale Club of NYC. This exclusive alumni club is a beautiful space for former Yale students to gather. When they renovated their Trumbell Room in 2015, they ordered 105 Council Room dining chairs, a modified version of the Eustis Chair Bohemian Stack. The Council Room has a deeper seat with an angled seat for comfort. Thanks to our proprietary Eustis Joint®, this wood chair still stacks 6-10 high and comes with a 20-year warranty.



Eustis Chair has also worked with the Racquet and Tennis Club on Park Avenue. The R&T is a private male-only social and athletic club that’s been around since 1918. Built by Mark Editz, it is five stories tall and has an elegant stone and brick exterior. It is one of several elaborate private clubs constructed in New York during the early twentieth century. Acting almost like a time capsule, this club is unique in that it has kept its men-only admittance policy and members observe a strict code of silence about all that takes place behind its thick stone walls


Another club that Eustis Chair has collaborated with is the River Club of NYC. This family club opened in 1931 and was an immediate hit with the prominent Gilded Age families, including the Astors, Roosevelts, and Vanderbilts. Designed for families, prioritizing both men and women, the River Club set itself apart from the start and remains a unique fixture in the heart of New York City.


Restaurant Projects


Bar Boulud is a French restaurant located near the Lincoln Center. Owner Daniel Boulud ordered 100 State chairs by Eustis Chair for this project. This is not the first time we have manufactured furniture for Bar Boulud. In fact, Eustis Chair made the chairs for their Palm Beach location as well. Due to the strength and elegance of our chairs, customers will enjoy this New York City furniture for many decades.



Municipal Projects


Richmond County Supreme Court is one municipal project Eustis Chair worked on. Designed by the architectural firm Carrère and Hastings, this courthouse serves Richmond County in the borough of Staten Island.


School Projects


Manhattan Country Day School is a progressive, private PreK-8 school near the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. They divide classroom time between its main location in Manhattan and an educational farm in Roxbury, New York.


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