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most popular wood chair

Our Most Popular Wood Chair

If you are browsing the Eustis Chair catalog and are wondering to yourself, “What is the most popular wood chair?” — Look no further! Here are the 4 top-selling chairs from the past year.



1 – Burton Judson: A Popular Wood Chair

Burton Judson chair

Over the past year, Eustis Chair sold more Burton Judson chairs than any other model. In fact, St. Mark’s School of Texas ordered 450 of these elegant hardwood chairs. 


2 – Westminster Stack

Westminster chair

In second place is the Westminster Stacking Chair. It should be no surprise that the Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City purchased 350.


3 – Claremont

Claremont chair

What is our current third most popular chair? Why, the Claremont! Time after time, this beautiful chair remains a bestselling product. This past year, Eustis Chair manufactured 336 total Claremont chairs. These chairs now reside in The Country Club (Ohio), Shorewood Country Club, and the Women’s University Club of Seattle.


4 – Empire

Empire chair

Last, but not least, is our Empire chair. The State of Michigan recently ordered 300 Empire Chairs which are currently in production. These gorgeous chairs will be installed later this year.


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