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disinfect wood furniture

How often should I disinfect wood furniture?

Viruses can land on any surface, including wood furniture. It’s possible to become infected with that virus if someone touches that surface and then touches their face, but the CDC states that the probability of infection from surfaces is relatively low. However, cleaning and disinfecting wood furniture does reduce the risk of infection from viruses. But how often should you disinfect them?


Clean Once A Day, Disinfect if Necessary

The CDC recommends cleaning hard surfaces once a day is usually enough to remove virus particles. By cleaning, they refer to simply wiping down with water and soap. They only recommend fully disinfecting the furniture surface if:

  1. The surface is in an indoor space with high traffic or lots of people.
  2. The surface is in a space with poor ventilation.
  3. The surface is in a space where individuals have an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 or already have contracted the virus.
  4. The surface is in a space that doesn’t provide access to hand washing or hand sanitization.


Prioritize Clean Hands


However, the most reliable way to prevent infection from surfaces is to regularly wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Out of all the high-touch surfaces, your hands are the highest. Prioritizing clean hands among you and your peers will be the most effective method in staying healthy and avoiding the need to constantly disinfect wood furniture.


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