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Schoolhouse Arm Chair

Best Schoolhouse Arm Chair

Schoolhouse Arm Chair

The Charleston  schoolhouse arm chair is our best selling, most durable hardwood arm chair. Furthermore, each model is carefully hand assembled by our expert craftspeople. We make each chair in our US chair factory from sustainably grown hardwoods. We care about the environment! As opposed to plastic and metal, hardwood chairs are by far the most sustainable. Not to mention, our joinery is so strong that you’ll enjoy these chairs for decades. That means you won’t waste money or materials replacing your chairs every few years. In addition, our patented Eustis Joint®, makes our chair joints stronger than the hardwood used to build the chair. We craft each joint with steel rods in each joint for stability. We also inject retrograde epoxy into each joint for added reinforcement. 

Our Eustis Joint® is so strong, that we warranty our Eustis Joints against failure for twenty years. However, our chairs are likely to last decades if not centuries. All of our chairs are perfect for any venue. Each chair adds comfort, style, elegance, and durability to any institution. 

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