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cross campus chair by Eustis Chair

University of Arkansas Student Center: Featured Project

The University of Arkansas recently ordered 26 Cross Campus chairs by Eustis Chair in white oak for their student success center.  Their new center is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere.


Student Center Architects


The new student success center was designed by a long-time Eustis Chair client, HBRA Architects, and Core Architects. Founded in 1961, HBRA Architects is a well-known firm based out of Chicago. They have handled the design of many educational buildings and institutions. Core Architects is an impressive firm located in Arkansas that offers both architectural and interior design services.


Cross Campus Chairs


The Gothic-style Cross Campus chair was actually designed years ago with the help of HBRA Architects’ President, Aric Lasher. It was originally made for their massive library renovation project at Yale University. Yale ordered nearly 300 hundred custom chairs. In fact, we liked it so much that the Cross Campus chair became a permanent part of the Eustis Chair catalog.


Cross Campus at Yale

Cross Campus Chairs at Yale University.


We know the Cross Campus chairs will be a beloved addition to the University of Arkansas’ Student Success Center. These comfortable chairs should help enhance the experience of every Arkansas student.


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