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Sturdy Chairs for Chair Yoga

Chair yoga has become a popular trend, especially among senior citizens. Due to age, inflexibility, or injury, many opt to do yoga seated. There are even whole classes dedicated to the style. But finding a reliable, solid chair that you trust to balance on isn’t always easy. Desk chairs have wheels, fold-out chairs are flimsy, and most sturdy chairs have arms that restrict movement. But Eustis Chair manufactures strong, solid hardwood chairs (with or without arms) that are perfect for chair yoga.


Let’s take a look at some we recommend.


Claremont Wide Stack

This elegant stacking chair is perfect for chair yoga. The Claremont Wide Chair is the wider version of our popular Claremont chair. With a roomier seat, it is comfortable and leaves plenty of space for yoga movement. Constructed with the Eustis Joint, this chair is solid and robust. This means that older folks or those with balance issues can feel safe doing chair yoga on the Claremont Wide Chair. Furthermore, these chairs stack, meaning that a senior living home or rec facility would be able to store these chairs easily after a yoga class.


Bainbridge Island Wide

This contemporary chair is another great option for chair yoga. The Bainbridge Island Wide is the wider version of the Bainbridge Island chair. This version is an inch wider than the original. It is armless and stackable. Due to its construction, it is able to be stacked 10 chairs high for easy storage. It is also strengthened by our signature Eustis Joint. Its simple design looks and feels great.


River Oaks Wide

Like the other Eustis Chair products we recommend for chair yoga, this is a wider version of the River Oaks chair. With an added inch at the front, the River Oaks Wide is comfortable, traditional, and stylish. It comes armless, perfect for allowing the room to do yoga poses while seated. It is stackable to save room. Like all stacking Eustis Chair products, it is made sturdy and reliable by the Eustis Joint, meaning it also has an impressive 20-year warranty


We’ve shown you three chairs that are wide and roomy enough to do chair yoga, while also being strong, durable, and stackable. If you or your senior living facility is interested in getting safe, sturdy chairs to do yoga that also look great in a variety of other settings, let us know here and we’d be glad to help. For a few easy chair yoga poses to get you started, click here.

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