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University Chairs Buying Guide

Buying furniture for a large institution isn’t easy. Here at Eustis Chair, we know a thing or two about the chair selection process. We have narrowed it down to the top four things to consider when purchasing university chairs:



Stackable chairs are essential in a university setting because of their invaluable ability to save space. Eustis Chair has a host of stacking wood chairs that can stack up to 10 high, thus requiring much less storage room to house them. Stackable chairs mean you can quickly re-arrange any space with minimal staff and effort.



Durable chairs are needed at universities because of the intense wear from students every day. Eustis Chair products are guaranteed to last for generations. We offer the best joint warranty in the industry with an unbeatable 20-year guarantee against all joint failures on our stacking models. The Eustis Joint® is a revolutionary technology that uses precisely spaced steel rods and space-age epoxies to create a seat joint that is stronger than the wood itself and is used in all our stacking chairs. 



We believe everyone should be doing their part to help the environment. Of course, it’s important to teach your students to invest in sustainable products. Eustis Chair is dedicated to eco-friendly practices. We use ethically and sustainable-sourced wood harvested in properly managed woodlands across North America. To learn more, click here.




When deciding on a university chair, you of course want it to look nice and fit your space. Whether you’re buying for a college library, dining hall, or faculty building, Eustis Chair has a range of classic and elegant chair styles to meet your aesthetic. When searching our chair gallery, you may choose to look by style, whether that be traditional or contemporary. Or you may choose to look by use and browse chairs which are typically designated for dining, the library, or the classroom.

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