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What is a table apron?

Table aprons are pieces of wood that jut downward underneath the top surface, sometimes called the “skirt” or “skirting.” This vertical piece of wood beneath the table top is there to provide beam support and hide any braces, corner blocks, or other mechanical pieces on the table from view. Typically, they’re about an inch and a half.


Table aprons can add character to a piece. However, they can be a hassle. They can mess with your interior design aesthetic. They may also need additional cleaning and care. In addition, table aprons can increase discomfort due to a lack of leg and knee room. 

Arrow pointing to the table apron.


Is A Table Apron Necessary?


Not for our tables! Because of our proprietary Table Leg-Plate (TLP) joint, Eustis tables do not require aprons in our designs. There are no unattractive mechanics under Eustis tables that need hiding. Our superior joinery makes the aprons unnecessary while offering the advantage of unbeatable durability plus easy table disassembly and storage. 


Quality Tables for Quality Chairs


Eustis Chair is notable for our high-quality wood chairs. But we also have dining hall tables for customers looking to match the durability of the chairs in our line. Our former owner Fred Eustis has used his 20 years of experience with the proprietary Eustis Joint® to come up with a remarkable system for attaching table legs to the table. We tested the table legs with over 300 pounds of force and there was no damage to the TLP joint. 

There’s no better option for tables facing decades of daily and continuous use. Our superior craftsmanship will retain its functionality against all demands, no matter if it’s in a dining or study setting. Moreover, the simple but elegant styles we offer will fit right into clubs, schools, dining halls, or libraries alike. We guarantee these tables will last for a lifetime and continue to look great in your space.

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