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Antique Reproduction Furniture by Eustis Chair

Reproduction Furniture

What is Reproduction Furniture?


Reproduction furniture mimics an antique design to produce new furniture with a historical flare. This can be useful for lots of reasons. You might need to match existing furniture from the past. Or perhaps you simply enjoy an antique aesthetic. 

Reproduction furniture doesn’t pretend to be real antiques. These pieces don’t hide, they revel in their fledgling status. For while antique furniture is beautiful, it is expensive and usually not very durable. The joinery for antiques is particularly known to fail. Reproductions have the benefit of modern technology, such as the Eustis Joint, and thus are sturdier and long-lasting. 


Eustis Chair Reproduction Furniture





The Eustis Chair Cotswold Chair is a beautiful reproduction chair. This traditional style dates back hundreds of years to Cotswold, England. Our design features Baroque spindle legs and a squared highback. In addition, the detailed front stretcher is a particularly interesting feature. It is a hardwood ball rail with a smooth finish. The Eustis Chair Cotswold was originally designed for a college dining environment but would work well in many traditional spaces.




The Edison Chair is a reproduction that emulates the design used by Thomas Edison in the 19th century. Harvard University ordered this chair for their grand restoration of Memorial Hall. The Eustis Chair Edison is offered only in American Ash, but it can be stained to match most other hardwoods.


Grill Room


The Eustis Chair Grill Room is a club reproduction chair. It is modeled after antique chairs at the prestigious Bohemian Club in San Francisco. Our version keeps the classic lines and the traditional furniture nails of the old design. However, we updated a few elements. Thanks to the Eustis Joint, the joinery of the Grill Room is so much stronger than the original. Additionally, we inject retrograde epoxy for added stability. This allowed us to eliminate the stretchers found in the old design. 


King and Prince


Our King and Prince design is a beautiful historical reproduction. It’s a perfect stacking chair for formal dining. The Eustis King and Prince was designed for a four-star resort that needed stackable chairs for their Victorian dining room. The crest rail at the top lopes down from its finials to the elegant back slat, presenting a seat that seems carved for royalty. Its armchair iteration ends in seat rails similar to the paws of a lion, a common symbol for powerful dynasties. Thanks to the Eustis Joint, it is a durable and long-lasting piece of reproduction furniture.

Rose Reading Room


New York Public Library did a renovation of the Rose Reading Room in 2018. Eustis Chair perfectly matched the originals and yet strengthened the initial design. These durable reproduction chairs are great for any library space. They’re comfortable for long sessions of reading and strong, thanks to the Eustis Joint, enough to withstand rigorous daily use.



The Eustis Chair Suffolk Chair is an antique reproduction of an original Suffolk chair. Our version emulates the traditional look with a high back slat for further comfort. It is also strengthened by our signature joinery technology. The Suffolk is a versatile chair that looks great in many spaces. However, customers often choose the Suffolk as spiritual chairs to use in churches or funeral homes.


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