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Eustis News

October 19, 2018

Over 100 Willard Chairs at Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis finished installing over 100 of our Willard chairs this week in their dining space. This private university was founded in 1853 and is one of the most exclusive educational institutions in America, accepting roughly one of every six applicants to their school. Washington U. is consistently ranked amongst the top twenty schools nationwide, further encouraged with dozens of Nobel laureates that are affiliated with them.

Washington University came to Eustis Chair as they needed hardwood chairs that could specifically stack; our stacking component would make up for the lack of space in moving furniture around for event configuration. We have worked closely with the facilities staff this year on this project, with more to come as further renovations take place across their campus. The photo at right of the finished chairs still complements their new home beautifully - despite the renovations still under way! We expect the Willard to be in use for many decades to come, especially with the guarantee of the Eustis Joint in the mix.

October 12, 2018

Concord Chairs at La Rinconada Country Club

Earlier this year we delivered over 200 of our Concord chairs to La Rinconada Country Club in Los Gatos, California. The Club's history extends back to the Roaring Twenties, where it began as a golf course for the Bay Area elite. Its beautiful grounds host some of the best scenery the Golden State has to offer, made even more impressive with their commitments to sustainability and water preservation. 

In 2017 La Rinconada realized that renovations were in order, and a member vote swept in to approve a new order with Eustis Chair. The Concord's design lends itself handsomely to the relaxed atmosphere of the Club, with a clean cross back design (pictured) reminiscent of pastoral decoration. With a more petite stature than the average seating - measuring in at 34 inches tall - the Concord blends seamlessly into any event as a hassle-free component. It is also one of our stacking chairs, which relieves the Club's staff of arduous reconfiguration and routine cleaning. There is no downside to purchasing Eustis Chairs, as La Rinconada can surely attest!

October 5, 2018

Wood Chairs Best for Alleviating Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments people everywhere deal with - even the World Health Organization dubs it "a very common health problem worldwide". Left unchecked, it can cause problems from affecting your quality of life and work performance to causing serious mobility issues.

What's a quick solution to easing back pain? Seating that best responds to your body. A recent NPR article notes that most chairs built today are "poorly designed" for the human body, which force the spine to bend and encourage slumping instead of straight posture. It also notes that this wasn't always the case: with wood chairs being the only seating option for centuries, people throughout history enjoyed seats that were "relatively firm, flat and proportioned for the human body," or, in other words, optimized for comfort.

We like to talk about our chair durability and beautiful design, but the comfort of our seats is also a significant factor for consideration. Even one degree’s difference between the seat of a chair and its back can make a meaningful change in how much back support it offers. Our designers incorporate the best measurements and angles to encourage painless seating postures, which lead to lesser aches - and even eliminating pain altogether - while in use. Whether the chairs are intended for students hard at work or club patrons at an event, everyone benefits from a comfortable Eustis chair.

September 28, 2018

Atlanta's Dunwoody Country Club Hosts Claremont Seating for All Occasions

After installing our Claremont chairs at Dunwoody Country Club, this model is now in three of their four special events room for members, and their guests. Dunwoody Country Club is at the forefront of clubs in the Atlanta area, where it is actively involved with philanthropy works. Its offered amenities range from wellness and aquatics to youth activities for the whole family. The club began in 1965 with ideas for a golf course, which today sits on over two hundred acres of land.

In collaboration with Harris Interiors, we set out to replace Dunwoody’s previous seating, which was over fifteen years old and needed upgrading. After some consideration they selected the Claremont chair for their use, which adds a superb elegance to the overall décor and design. The Claremont has inspired several additions to our line as a top bestseller, with multiple clubs and institutions clamoring for its exquisite, sculpted composition. The back support is curved and braided into the shapes of leaves and diamonds, weaving its way to a seat nothing short of spectacular in its comfort and durability. And because it is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Claremont comes with a 20-year warranty. Many more generations will enjoy our chairs at Dunwoody’s beautiful events and gatherings, as the seating’s craftsmanship will last for decades.

September 14, 2018

Captain Chairs at the University of Michigan

In 2017 the University of Michigan began working with us to create a Captain chair prototype to best fit their Law Library Reading Room. This reading room is a stunning neo-Gothic space with fifty foot vaulted ceilings, oak wainscoting, and over 350,000 volumes along its walls. Its stained-glass windows is one of its most unique attributes, which depicts the seals of notable colleges and universities worldwide. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its grandeur on Ann Arbor's campus.

After putting on the finishing touches to the Captain design, we delivered the final shipment of Michigan's 350 reading room chairs earlier this week. We began with the Captain chair in our own line as a guide and engineered it to become a close reproduction of UMichigan's existing seating. A handful of the chairs in our line are antique reproductions, and we continue to be willing to reproduce other designs that are no longer made, or that have never been made for institutional use. Our team ensured that UMichigan was pleased with the progress every step of the way, resulting in truly exceptional seating for law students and visitors. With Eustis Joints in place to set the standard, these chairs are sure to stand the test of time in a truly timeless setting. 

September 10, 2018

University of Connecticut Receives Custom Wilbur Cross Chairs

For the University of Connecticut, the seating they needed could only be found with Eustis Chair. This Friday we delivered the final installment of chairs for two 1930s reading rooms in the Wilbur Cross Building. Both rooms are undergoing renovations to fully embrace the splendor of the original architectural design. Home to many of UConn's student service offices, Wilbur Cross is recognized across the Storrs campus for its gold leaf cupola and as one of the university's most distinctive buildings.

The North and South Reading Rooms now both house the Wilbur Chair, a custom option that UConn's designers decided to take on. Eustis Chair stood out from the rest in that our wood chairs were both customizable and stackable, both a must for their unique and versatile rooms. We're happy to design new chair for our partners when they need something new to fit the needs of their institution. Roughly 270 Wilbur chairs are now ready for students as they return to campus for the school year ahead, and the UConn staff we spoke with were looking forward to many years of use. 

August 31, 2018

Federal Reserve Chairs at the Perrot Memorial Library

Perrot Memorial Library in Old Greenwich, Connecticut ordered Federal Reserve chairs for their building last year, and are still thrilled with their choice of seating. This library in the Long Island Sound area has served its community since 1904, when it was founded by the descendants of Old Greenwich's first private schoolmaster John Perrot. Its Jeffersonian-style building houses roughly 60,000 books for its patrons and guests to enjoy, along with several other offerings for residents of the surrounding area. 

We have kept in contact with Perrot Memorial regarding their hoped-for chair purchase, which came to fruition in 2017 when their Federal Reserve armchairs were delivered. An interpretation in the Bank of England style, the Federal Reserve offers back support with eight splats and high armrests that flow gracefully into the front legs and top back. This design adds to the overall impression of stylized architecture, including those with roots in Neoclassicism and Neo-Palladianism. For the building that houses Perrot Memorial Library, this fit their specifications perfectly and have reported to us that the chairs "look, and feel, terrific!" We view libraries as a cornerstone of America's academic excellence, and were honored to support another library we've gotten to know well over the years.

August 24, 2018

Greek Life at University of Texas Springs for Eustis Chairs

Now that schools are going back in session, Greek life nationwide is finalizing their preparations for the new year. This includes Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Texas, who have received several of our Merrimac chairs for their sorority house. ADPi was one of the first societies founded for women, beginning in 1851 and spreading to multiple campuses since then. The University of Texas in Austin has over seventy different fraternities and sororities on campus, culminating in a large Greek presence in the Live Music Capital of the World.

We worked with both ADPi leadership and Sparrow Interiors to create chairs that best fit what the sorority needed before the 2018-19 year. Namely, this involved chairs that were sturdy enough to outlast any college events and beautiful enough to use for formal settings. We built over seventy Merrimac chairs for the house, our model with curved lines on the back of the chair for added comfort. The Transitional design not only harkens to a particular furniture style, but also embodies its versatility for virtually any event they're needed for. Plus, the advanced technology offered by the Eustis Joint enables both stackability and an incredible 20-year warranty! ADPi is sure to have these chairs in their home through many years of excellence at UT.

August 17, 2018

MSU's Wharton Center Installs Two Eustis Chair Designs

Today Eustis Chairs arrived at MSU's Wharton Center for installation at this top venue. This is a very special performing arts space that has made its mark on every level. The Wharton Center is the largest performing arts venue in the state of Michigan. On a national scale, it's known for being the number one performing arts venue that's owned by a university, in this case Michigan State University in East Lansing. Globally, Wharton Center is known for both world premier commissions along with hosting one of the top twenty international venues of its size. We were delighted that we could work with an institution that has impressed everyone that comes to visit - we're ready to come out and view performances during their upcoming season, including the highly anticipated Hamilton and music from Harry Potter.

With both local and international crowds flocking to their shows, the Wharton Center realized it needed two different types of chairs: comfortable stacking chairs for easy maneuverability, and larger chairs for patrons that require extra seating space. On both counts Eustis Chair could provide: in collaboration with Irwin Seating Company we built Virginian stacking chairs and crafted our newest chair design in the Music Hall (pictured). This chair is wider than our usual lineup with overhanging upholstery that best complements performing arts venues both large and small. Let us know if you spot our chairs the next time you visit this gorgeous center!

August 10, 2018

Bohemian Chairs for Sorority at University of Kentucky

With a beautiful new fraternity house opening in the fall, Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Kentucky sprung for Eustis Chair. AXO was first founded in the late 1800s and is now present on almost two hundred campuses nationwide. Its chapter at the University of Kentucky hit the ground running in 2016 when plans for a chapter house began, which will culminate in a gorgeous campus location this fall. For the various events and day-to-day activities they enlisted PDR Interiors to choose comfortable, durable furniture for their new space.

As of this week, almost a hundred of our Bohemian chairs are now placed in Lexington and ready to provide decades of intense service. The Bohemian stacking chair was originally created in conjunction with the Bohemian Club of San Francisco in 2011. In the seven years since, Bohemians have found themselves popular in a plethora of banquet halls, dining spaces, and common areas throughout America. Its minimalist elegance makes its comfort all the more impressive, and its stackability thanks to the Eustis Joint is hard to beat! Congratulations to Alpha Chi Omega for their campus chapter house - we're delighted to have a part in contributing to their new home.

August 3, 2018

Charleston Library Chairs in the Coronado Public Library

It's no surprise that the Coronado Public Library would live up to its name. The name Coronado is Spanish for "the crowned one," well-known for its coveted peninsula location in San Diego Bay. Its library was founded the same year as the city itself, and has since then been a point of pride for its community. During the turn of the century the Coronado Library Trustees built a classical revival building for the library, where it still stands today and serves as the Spreckels Reading Room. It is this reading room that needed a facelift: chairs that the library had bought for the space weren't holding up, and the library director looked at multiple chairs before deciding on our Charleston model. 

The Charlestons will now complement the splendor of their original library space to the fullest extent. Its remarkable comfort and aesthetic appeal has won accolades like the Modern Library Awards Gold Medal, which has spurred further excitement in trying these chairs nationwide. With Coronado's purchase comes the most valuable seat engineering on the market with the proprietary Eustis Joint. For libraries across the country, Eustis Chairs make it possible to allocate resources to other projects without worrying over replacing their furniture. Even in spaces with the highest demands, our chairs truly stand the test of time with a twenty-year warranty and five times that of a service life. 

July 27, 2018

Vermont National Country Club Welcomes New Council Room Chairs

With withering barrel chairs and multiple events on the horizon, the Vermont National Country Club in South Burlington knew they needed an upgrade. Now they’re home to over a hundred of our Council Room chairs, with an even mix of arm and side versions for better versatility. The Club hosts a Jack Nicklaus championship course with panoramic mountain views from the clubhouse porch, overall known as an excellent social club in the heart of New England.


We originally began working with Vermont National in late 2017, when the club fell in love with our chairs and hoped to order some for their use. The Council Room design was chosen over three other competing choices, and we heard that its ability to stack 6-8 high was a winning plus. From its eased seating angles to deeper seat depth, this chair embraces the full sense of power and prestige that went into its namesake. Coupled with an unmatched 20-year warranty with our famous Eustis Joint, this prestige is guaranteed to hold sway in your club through many decades of repeat use. But don’t just take our word on the splendor: contact us now for a sample of the Council Room or any one of our line’s unbeatable options. From traditional to contemporary settings, Eustis Chair can make the perfect fit that truly stands the test of time.

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