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Hardwood University Club Eustis Chair for Carlton Woods

April 19, 2018

University Club Chairs for the Club at Carlton Woods

We recently delivered over 150 University Club chairs to the Club at Carlton Woods in the Greater Houston area. In the twenty years since its inception, the Club is one of the most distinguished in Texas and well-known throughout the country as one of the Platinum Clubs of America. As a crown jewel of American golf clubs and courses they required only the best for their exclusive community, with the additional convenience of a chair that they can stack if needed. It's with our line that they got the best with our proprietary Eustis Joint, superior comfort, and exquisite handcrafted design.

The Club's general manager has told us how much they love to walk into the room that houses our chairs - the associates and members are just as thrilled with the purchase choice! Carlton Woods now marks our tenth major installation of the University Club chair since its introduction in 2009, with another project already in production via our US factory. Its woodworking completes the design aesthetic of palatial-like spaces, with its stackability a major perk unique to Eustis Chair. 

Eustis Chair Gothic halls

April 3, 2018

Eustis Chairs for Gothic Revival Halls

At Eustis Chair we create hardwood chairs best tailored for your high-use space. Our line has a variety of models customized for certain architectural styles, and we'd like to highlight these styles as a starting point for deciding which chair is best for your institution. For many colleges and universities, that aesthetic lies in Neo-Gothic – or Gothic Revival – architecture, first appearing in the 19th century and continuing into today.


This style is arguably most represented on America's college campuses, with countless higher education institutions including such buildings. It's become so prominent that it has its own distinction as “Collegiate Gothic,” a subgenre of the original 1800’s movement.


Today, the design touches of neo-Gothicism are easily identifiable. Stone exteriors give way to hardwood ceilings or buttresses, with long and narrow windows letting little natural light pass through. In its place, heavy chandeliers descend from above to highlight pointed arches, rising towers, and intricate detail throughout the interior. Neo-Gothic structures impart some sense of Old World charm, and, as a standard horror setting, an airy thrill or mystery to boot.

Some of the foremost examples above include our past customers. St. Mary’s College of California is home to Oliver Hall (top), a Gothic facility originally built in 1928. Medievalesque artwork adorns the walls that surround the main floor, packed with long tables not unlike those used for candlelit banquets of the past.


The Burton-Judson Courts at the University of Chicago (center) hosts vaulted ceilings with elaborate motifs engraved in high wood panels. Its dining hall includes soaring arches that tapers to a point between the expansive windowpanes, emphasizing the open atmosphere devoid of further partitions.


At Towson University is a slightly older Gothic hall, where the Newell dining hall (bottom) was originally built at the onset of World War I. Elevated iron chandeliers glimmer above carved ornamentation gracing the room sides, with a raised platform that looks out to the regal space below.


We have worked with all three to construct fitting Gothic chairs for these premier spaces. Out of the 90+ chairs in our line, there are five that best embody the spirit of the Gothic Revival:


The Cross Campus is our premier Gothic chair. The smooth, modest finials at the top draw the eye to the rails of the chair, centered by an archway that mimics the style’s distinctive doorway curvature. The stretchers, which are the horizontal beams near the bottom of the chair, also harken back to this design style – with the Eustis Joint these stretchers are not necessary for support, but we included them to complete the overall look.


The Taft was specifically designed for a Gothic dining hall, with a bonus as one of our stackable chairs. The back is centered by a wide banister that finishes in a slight arch, with a subtle carving on the top slat for a clean, refined touch. While it can be appropriate in a number of settings, it is best at home in stony corridors rife with historical allure.


The Skillman embraces a stark, austere appearance while retaining both comfort and durability. Like all of our traditionally built chairs, the Skillman is engineered with our special “box construction” configuration, using oversized mortise and tenon joints with reinforcing dowel pins to create a chair that will endure for generations.


The Burton Judson was crafted to enhance the elegance and functionality of Gothic halls for decades to come. Like the Cross Campus, its back rails were framed to emulate the elongated windows prevalent in Gothic chambers worldwide. It deviates from our other design with the absence of chair stretchers, which makes it (and our arm chair version) able to stack up to eight chairs high.


The Bartlett Hall is one of our most popular chairs for great halls that are hundreds of years old. This chair was the inspiration for the aforementioned Skillman model, with the added advantage of being stackable. This side chair, or its sister arm chair, are excellent choices for complementing the enigmatic architectural elements found in many turn-of-the-century buildings.

For chairs that fit other architectural styles, view our full directory of chair models or contact us for a consultation.

Eustis Chair at the ACUI 2018 Annual Conference

March 13, 2018

2018 Expo at the ACUI Annual Conference

We are very excited to be exhibiting at ACUI's 2018 Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA! Thousands of our chairs are in colleges and universities across the country, starting with our very first project at Harvard's Memorial Hall. Our chairs are a physical aspect of the campus community, and we’re proud to have our work become part of what supports overall growth and innovation with America’s college unions. Stop by booth 205 during the Expo to discuss your potential plans for a site renovation or design. Our sustainable, stacking, and comfortable wood chairs are truly in a class of their own - learn more about our focus on sustainability and custom work on our website at

In January 2003 we delivered 300 of our chairs for the chapel at Phillips Exeter Academy. After 15 years of community use, the Modular Pew chairs are better than ever while still under warranty.

March 9, 2018

Eustis Chairs 15 Years Later: Inside the Phillips Exeter Academy Chapel

Back in January 2003 we delivered 300 chairs to the Phillips Exeter Academy for their chapel, which was built in the 1800s and serves as the school hub for interfaith events and activities. The Exeter Modular Pew, seen in these photos and in the chapel today, is engineered with our Eustis Joint® for unmatched durability. These graceful, interlocking, stacking pew chairs have the traditional look and feel of church pews, including a hymnal slot in the back of each chair.

As elegant as they are when laid out in rows, the real beauty of these chairs is how quickly they can be disassembled, stacked, and moved to reconfigure the chapel for its various uses. This was an especially important consideration within Exeter’s multicultural setting, able to strike a balance between the original elegance of the chapel while offering a welcoming versatility for at least twelve religious traditions.

Since the original chair installation, the chapel’s pew chairs have seen more than fifteen years of community use. Countless religious gatherings, events, and other activities have taken place beneath its Gothic light fixtures and wooden arches. The Eustis Chairs here have been a part of these gatherings, being set up or stacked elsewhere if they were not needed. Today they’re looking better than ever while still under our twenty year warranty. Fifteen years go by so quickly within a setting as timeless as the Phillips Church!

Many thanks to Phillips Exeter and Cram and Ferguson for our wonderful relationship; we’re honored to have helped prepare this historical space for decades to come.

Condé Nast Traveler recently updated their list of America's 25 Most Beautiful College Campuses. Congratulations to our featured university clients!

February 15, 2018

The 25 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America

Condé Nast Traveler recently updated their list of America's 25 Most Beautiful College Campuses. The curators of this list have judged every college campus in America on merits of its architecture, design, and surrounding natural beauty and attractions to finalize those most aesthetically pleasing. Congratulations to our college and university clients who are featured in this impressive list:

We are very proud to have worked with these clients, and many other educational institutions, in recent years to add their campus appeal and charm. Each one has received our elegant and durable dining, banquet, and grill room chairs, all of which are made in the USA.

Claremont II wood stacking dining and banquet chair by Eustis Chair with Chippendale design

January 9, 2018

Meridian Hills Country Club

Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis, Indiana hired Eustis Chair to build our Claremont II stacking dining chairs. The Club's General Manager heard about our chairs from the nearby Woodstock Club, and Harbour Trees Golf and Beach Club who have our chairs and love them. The Club was also impressed by our chair's comfort, ability to stack 8 chairs high, and our 20 year warranty. Like all of our chairs and barstools, the Claremont II is made to order with our amazing Eustis Joint® in our U.S. factory from your choice of hardwood, any commercially available fabric, vinyl, or leather seats, as arm or side chairs, and is custom stained to match your tables or millwork. Contact us today to learn more about we can help you with our exceptional chairs!
Whitman chair by Eustis Chair

December 28, 2017

Rutgers Pharmacy School

We manufactured and delivered our Whitman chair in solid Beech hardwood to the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, which is the pharmacy school of Rutgers University. The well regarded school chose our chairs for their unmatched durability, sustainability, and comfort. The Whitman chair is a durable variation of our popular Charleston chair and will be used in the School's study area. 

Bainbridge Island stacking chair by Eustis Chair

December 14, 2017

DePauw University Board Room

The talented team at Rowland Design in Indianapolis hired Eustis Chair to build our elegant, stacking Bainbridge Island chair in solid Walnut with Optima Leather seats for DePauw University's Wallace-Stewart Commons, located in the new Hoover dining hall. This signature space hosts the board of trustees and board of visitors meetings. Hoover Hall opened in 2016, and was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects to match the schools classic Georgian styled campus.

Risley stacking dining chair by Eustis Chair is made in the USA with a 20 year warranty

November 23, 2017

Risley Residential College

Cornell University hired Eustis Chair to adapt our durable stacking wood chairs for their Risley Residential College's famous Dining Room. Our newly created Risley chair shares similar gothic design elements as the castle's refectory, which is modeled after Christchurch Refectory at Oxford University

November 3, 2017

Greenbuild + ABX

We are very excited to be exhibiting at the #ABX2017 and Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston. 2017 marks the first year the two shows have shared a location. Stop by booth 1197 to see our sustainable, stacking and non-stacking wood chairs Learn more about our focus on sustainability, and our custom chair work on our website.

Cataumet by Eustis Chair is the most durable Windsor chair available and made in the USA

October 21, 2017

George Washington's Mt Vernon

George Washinton's Mount Vernon has hired Eustis Chair to build our Cataumet Windsor chair for a new interactive project in their visitor center. We will deliver 36 chairs later this Fall. The Cataumet chair is unmatched in durability and will last for decades given our proprietary Eustis Joint construction.

Ivy League chair by Eustis Chair and Robert A.M. Stern Architects with Chippendale design

October 18, 2017

Davenport Dining Hall

Yale University's Davenport Dining Hall is the proud new owner of 200 Ivy League chairs. The Georgian styled room and building with a Gothic facade has elegant interior wood paneling and Waterford chandeliers under the white, rounded, vaulted ceiling. The University came to us to replace their breaking chairs which were very similar in design. This marks Eustis Chair's third overall chair project with Yale University, and our first dining hall chair project on their campus.