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News for Stackable Chairs

spacious chairs

November 30, 2018

Optimize Your Seat Count with 10-60 Chairs

Weddings and other functions tend towards needing as much seating as possible in their fine dining banquet halls. To allow as much room as possible we have developed 10-60 versions of select chair designs, which are narrower at the front of the seat than their original design. The 10-60 name comes from their new ability to seat 10 people around a 60" round table with each chair tucked under the table cloth, maximizing the hosting capacity of high-use spaces. 

For further convenience we have already crafted 10-60 versions of some very popular designs. Pictured here is a comparison between the Bohemian chair (right) and its sister 10-60 version (left). The Bohemian 10-60 maintains the comfort and opulence of its predecessor with a seating design fit for industry leaders. Other versions in our current line include 10-60 versions of the Claremont, the Empire, and the University Club, all of which have found homes in clubs like Meridian Hills and the University Club of San Francisco. All four designs can be stacked 6-8 high for storage or moving ease, as stackable wood chairs remains our poignant calling card. 

Thanks to our commitment to custom manufacturing, we can make a 10-60 version of nearly any chair in our design line. With over ninety chairs in our line, we're pleased to re-engineer our seating to best fit the needs of your institution.

hardwood stacking chair

October 19, 2018

Over 100 Willard Chairs at Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis finished installing over 100 of our Willard chairs this week in their dining space. This private university was founded in 1853 and is one of the most exclusive educational institutions in America, accepting roughly one of every six applicants to their school. Washington U. is consistently ranked amongst the top twenty schools nationwide, further encouraged with dozens of Nobel laureates that are affiliated with them.

Washington University came to Eustis Chair as they needed hardwood chairs that could specifically stack; our stacking component would make up for the lack of space in moving furniture around for event configuration. We have worked closely with the facilities staff this year on this project, with more to come as further renovations take place across their campus. The photo at right of the finished chairs still complements their new home beautifully - despite the renovations still under way! We expect the Willard to be in use for many decades to come, especially with the guarantee of the Eustis Joint in the mix.

bridal chair eustis chair

October 12, 2018

Concord Chairs at La Rinconada Country Club

Earlier this year we delivered over 200 of our Concord chairs to La Rinconada Country Club in Los Gatos, California. The Club's history extends back to the Roaring Twenties, where it began as a golf course for the Bay Area elite. Its beautiful grounds host some of the best scenery the Golden State has to offer, made even more impressive with their commitments to sustainability and water preservation. 

In 2017 La Rinconada realized that renovations were in order, and a member vote swept in to approve a new order with Eustis Chair. The Concord's design lends itself handsomely to the relaxed atmosphere of the Club, with a clean cross back design (pictured) reminiscent of pastoral decoration. With a more petite stature than the average seating - measuring in at 34 inches tall - the Concord blends seamlessly into any event as a hassle-free component. It is also one of our stacking chairs, which relieves the Club's staff of arduous reconfiguration and routine cleaning. There is no downside to purchasing Eustis Chairs, as La Rinconada can surely attest!

Eustis Chair Dunwoody Country Club chairs

September 28, 2018

Atlanta's Dunwoody Country Club Hosts Claremont Seating for All Occasions

After installing our Claremont chairs at Dunwoody Country Club, this model is now in three of their four special events room for members, and their guests. Dunwoody Country Club is at the forefront of clubs in the Atlanta area, where it is actively involved with philanthropy works. Its offered amenities range from wellness and aquatics to youth activities for the whole family. The club began in 1965 with ideas for a golf course, which today sits on over two hundred acres of land.

In collaboration with Harris Interiors, we set out to replace Dunwoody’s previous seating, which was over fifteen years old and needed upgrading. After some consideration they selected the Claremont chair for their use, which adds a superb elegance to the overall décor and design. The Claremont has inspired several additions to our line as a top bestseller, with multiple clubs and institutions clamoring for its exquisite, sculpted composition. The back support is curved and braided into the shapes of leaves and diamonds, weaving its way to a seat nothing short of spectacular in its comfort and durability. And because it is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Claremont comes with a 20-year warranty. Many more generations will enjoy our chairs at Dunwoody’s beautiful events and gatherings, as the seating’s craftsmanship will last for decades.

stacking custom chair

September 10, 2018

University of Connecticut Receives Custom Wilbur Cross Chairs

For the University of Connecticut, the seating they needed could only be found with Eustis Chair. This Friday we delivered the final installment of chairs for two 1930s reading rooms in the Wilbur Cross Building. Both rooms are undergoing renovations to fully embrace the splendor of the original architectural design. Home to many of UConn's student service offices, Wilbur Cross is recognized across the Storrs campus for its gold leaf cupola and as one of the university's most distinctive buildings.

The North and South Reading Rooms now both house the Wilbur Chair, a custom option that UConn's designers decided to take on. Eustis Chair stood out from the rest in that our wood chairs were both customizable and stackable, both a must for their unique and versatile rooms. We're happy to design new chair for our partners when they need something new to fit the needs of their institution. Roughly 270 Wilbur chairs are now ready for students as they return to campus for the school year ahead, and the UConn staff we spoke with were looking forward to many years of use. 

Merrimac stacking chair

August 24, 2018

Greek Life at University of Texas Springs for Eustis Chairs

Now that schools are going back in session, Greek life nationwide is finalizing their preparations for the new year. This includes Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Texas, who have received several of our Merrimac chairs for their sorority house. ADPi was one of the first societies founded for women, beginning in 1851 and spreading to multiple campuses since then. The University of Texas in Austin has over seventy different fraternities and sororities on campus, culminating in a large Greek presence in the Live Music Capital of the World.

We worked with both ADPi leadership and Sparrow Interiors to create chairs that best fit what the sorority needed before the 2018-19 year. Namely, this involved chairs that were sturdy enough to outlast any college events and beautiful enough to use for formal settings. We built over seventy Merrimac chairs for the house, our model with curved lines on the back of the chair for added comfort. The Transitional design not only harkens to a particular furniture style, but also embodies its versatility for virtually any event they're needed for. Plus, the advanced technology offered by the Eustis Joint enables both stackability and an incredible 20-year warranty! ADPi is sure to have these chairs in their home through many years of excellence at UT.

Bohemian stacking wood chair

August 10, 2018

Bohemian Chairs for Sorority at University of Kentucky

With a beautiful new fraternity house opening in the fall, Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Kentucky sprung for Eustis Chair. AXO was first founded in the late 1800s and is now present on almost two hundred campuses nationwide. Its chapter at the University of Kentucky hit the ground running in 2016 when plans for a chapter house began, which will culminate in a gorgeous campus location this fall. For the various events and day-to-day activities they enlisted PDR Interiors to choose comfortable, durable furniture for their new space.

As of this week, almost a hundred of our Bohemian chairs are now placed in Lexington and ready to provide decades of intense service. The Bohemian stacking chair was originally created in conjunction with the Bohemian Club of San Francisco in 2011. In the seven years since, Bohemians have found themselves popular in a plethora of banquet halls, dining spaces, and common areas throughout America. Its minimalist elegance makes its comfort all the more impressive, and its stackability thanks to the Eustis Joint is hard to beat! Congratulations to Alpha Chi Omega for their campus chapter house - we're delighted to have a part in contributing to their new home.

Stacking wood chairs, Council Room model

July 27, 2018

Vermont National Country Club Welcomes New Council Room Chairs

With withering barrel chairs and multiple events on the horizon, the Vermont National Country Club in South Burlington knew they needed an upgrade. Now they’re home to over a hundred of our Council Room chairs, with an even mix of arm and side versions for better versatility. The Club hosts a Jack Nicklaus championship course with panoramic mountain views from the clubhouse porch, overall known as an excellent social club in the heart of New England.


We originally began working with Vermont National in late 2017, when the club fell in love with our chairs and hoped to order some for their use. The Council Room design was chosen over three other competing choices, and we heard that its ability to stack 6-8 high was a winning plus. From its eased seating angles to deeper seat depth, this chair embraces the full sense of power and prestige that went into its namesake. Coupled with an unmatched 20-year warranty with our famous Eustis Joint, this prestige is guaranteed to hold sway in your club through many decades of repeat use. But don’t just take our word on the splendor: contact us now for a sample of the Council Room or any one of our line’s unbeatable options. From traditional to contemporary settings, Eustis Chair can make the perfect fit that truly stands the test of time.

Council Room stacking dining chairs

July 20, 2018

River Run Country Club Owns Newest Council Room Chairs

After seeing our warranty and proprietary joint, River Run Country Club in North Carolina knew they had to order from us. We recently delivered 70 chairs as part of their major renovations across the club, with the goal of crafting a completely new experience for current and future members. River Run is less than thirty miles from Charlotte's city center and offers incredible amenities, including a renowned championship-level golf course and newly modernized social areas. 

Club chairs from our Eustis line are excellent for River Run's weddings and club events like wine tastings and holiday celebrations. The ever-popular Council Room design was put in place earlier this year - head over to River Run's social media and you may see our work in their photos! The Council Room is an especially notable chair for its flexibility in any setting: patrons love the seating at formal functions, and their stackability means easy transport to other areas of the club for more casual activities. Plus, its deeper sitting width and depth keeps it in high demand for clubs throughout America.

University of Georgia Eustis Chair

July 13, 2018

New Merrimac Chairs at the University of Georgia

For a Colonial Revival homestead in the heart of the South, Eustis Chair was the way to go! The University of Georgia requested one hundred of our Merrimac chairs for the renovated Quarters A building, also known as the Hill Crest Estate. Quarters A was built around the turn of the century with Queen Anne architectural influences, operating as everything from a private residence to the Commanding Officer's Quarters for the U.S. Navy. Today it serves as a stunning venue for receptions, conferences, and other special events on UGA’s striking campus in Athens.

These chairs were a highly anticipated addition for events at Quarters A, as our chairs nicely complement Southern-style architecture and design. When we first spoke with UGA in 2017 they requested chairs that had both a special, elegant look to them and stacking capabilities. The Merrimac – along with the rest of our stackable chair line – can handle it all: impeccable dining experiences, superb presentation, and ease of convenience to boot! UGA is thrilled with the purchase and looks forward to many decades of weddings, presidential functions, and student-sponsored events with their timeless seating choice. 

Lake Geneva Eustis Chairs

June 8, 2018

Lake Geneva Country Club Receives Almost 300 Merrimac Chairs

A few weeks ago we delivered hundreds of Merrimac chairs to the Lake Geneva Country Club in southeastern Wisconsin. The club is known as the oldest golf club in the Midwest still on its founding site, which was established at the turn of the century in 1895. It is well-known for hosting the annual Men's Golf Invitational, cited as the oldest consecutive invitational in the United States that is specifically a match-play tournament. Its namesake city is ranked as one of the best lake towns in North America, especially renowned for its notable mansions connected with Chicago elite.

This very traditional club needed new chairs for their 100-year-old clubhouse dining room, replacing former seating that was in need of upgrades. For Lake Geneva’s board members, an essential highlight of the Merrimac model was its ability to stack up to eight chairs high. With limited storage options it’s Eustis Chair to the rescue! After the installation the board let us know of the warm praises that their membership gave to the new seating, noting the superb comfort they now enjoy during the Club’s main meals and special events. The Merrimac is customized to be light and easy to handle for their facilities staff, making it all the more desirable in dining rooms and halls throughout America. We’re pleased with the impact and look forward to future installs throughout the Midwest.

Richland Country Club Eustis Chair

June 1, 2018

Council Room Arm Chairs Arrive for Richland Country Club

Nashville’s Richland Country Club has unveiled the first phase of a $20 million renovation, in which Eustis Chair figures with a delivery of seventy Council Room armchairs. Richland traces its beginning to the turn of the twentieth century, and strikes an excellent balance between tradition and modernity with their newest upgrades. From nineteenth century artifacts to commemorations of its past presidents, this club community heartily embraces its history and stands proud as a premier organization.


The operations team chose Harris Interiors to spearhead the modernization whilst maintaining its timeless ambiance. For their clubhouse – which sees multiple banquets take place every year – it was essential to find a chair with both sophistication and stackability. The Council Room armchair was the perfect answer to their needs, with spectacular comfort for their patrons and ease of transport for their hospitality staff. These new chairs came with custom staining to perfectly match the rest of the decoration, crafting an enduring atmosphere for the best that Tennessee has to offer. We’re pleased to continue our relationships with institutions throughout the Southeast, where our unmatched seating options enhance the genteel charm of its most respected institutions.

Corinthian Yacht Club chair and logo

May 24, 2018

Nautical Virginian and Jenkins Chairs for the Corinthian Yacht Club

Two models of Eustis Chair – the Virginian side chair and the Jenkins barstool – have made their way to the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The Club was first organized in the nineteenth century, where it took up residence on the Marblehead Harbor just north of Boston. Its members enjoy incredible sailing and racing events each year, along with further athletic and social activities for their close-knit community.

Their members deserved elegant and comfortable seating, but such seating also needed to stack and fit around their 60 inch tables. The Virginian came into play with stackability and a seat width smaller than 17 inches - a must for 10-60 use. The Club’s operation team also chose the Jenkins barstool for the unveiling of their new Harbor Bar. We shipped hundreds of chairs last month to fill their renovated dining room, which arrived just in time for their first event of the season. Thanks to the overall design that Eustis Chair complements, CYC’s Commodore considers it the most beautiful bar on the Eastern seaboard.

Both the Virginian and the Jenkins barstool have found homes in premier clubs and dining spaces across the country, and our latest installation of both at CYC will remain for decades to come. Many thanks to the excellent designers and operations team for their collaboration on this project!

Lawrenceville School Abbott Hall with Eustis Chairs

April 27, 2018

Custom Chairs for The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey

The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey has just unveiled their redesigned Abbott Dining Hall, complete with over three hundred custom Eustis chairs. As one of the oldest private high schools in the country, Lawrenceville is also ranked amongst the most prestigious and rigorous for their longstanding traditions of excellence. We worked closely with the school and architecture firm Voith & McTavish to develop custom-made Lawrenceville chairs for the Abbott room. The administrators in charge of the project were especially passionate about honoring Lawrenceville's heritage, with multiple design elements that mirror the styles found across their 700 acre campus. 

In particular, the designers for Lawrenceville were pleased to find we could build stackable hardwood chairs for their grand project. Using some of our earlier Gothic chairs as inspiration, we created the new Lawrenceville chair model, distinct from its predecessors like the Taft and Burton Judson with its stunning motif. The back of the chair includes laser engraving on the top rail and defined slats that run downwards to the comfortable seat. The Lawrenceville chairs partner elegantly with the overall space, which the headmaster has called "a treasure for Lawrenceville" that will be an integral piece of the school's illustrious history.

Hardwood University Club Eustis Chair for Carlton Woods

April 19, 2018

University Club Chairs for the Club at Carlton Woods

We recently delivered over 150 University Club chairs to the Club at Carlton Woods in the Greater Houston area. In the twenty years since its inception, the Club is one of the most distinguished in Texas and well-known throughout the country as one of the Platinum Clubs of America. As a crown jewel of American golf clubs and courses they required only the best for their exclusive community, with the additional convenience of a chair that they can stack if needed. It's with our line that they got the best with our proprietary Eustis Joint, superior comfort, and exquisite handcrafted design.

The Club's general manager has told us how much they love to walk into the room that houses our chairs - the associates and members are just as thrilled with the purchase choice! Carlton Woods now marks our tenth major installation of the University Club chair since its introduction in 2009, with another project already in production via our US factory. Its woodworking completes the design aesthetic of palatial-like spaces, with its stackability a major perk unique to Eustis Chair. 

Claremont II wood stacking dining and banquet chair by Eustis Chair with Chippendale design

January 9, 2018

Meridian Hills Country Club

Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis, Indiana hired Eustis Chair to build our Claremont II stacking dining chairs. The Club's General Manager heard about our chairs from the nearby Woodstock Club, and Harbour Trees Golf and Beach Club who have our chairs and love them. The Club was also impressed by our chair's comfort, ability to stack 8 chairs high, and our 20 year warranty. Like all of our chairs and barstools, the Claremont II is made to order with our amazing Eustis Joint® in our U.S. factory from your choice of hardwood, any commercially available fabric, vinyl, or leather seats, as arm or side chairs, and is custom stained to match your tables or millwork. Contact us today to learn more about we can help you with our exceptional chairs!
Bainbridge Island stacking chair by Eustis Chair

December 14, 2017

DePauw University Board Room

The talented team at Rowland Design in Indianapolis hired Eustis Chair to build our elegant, stacking Bainbridge Island chair in solid Walnut with Optima Leather seats for DePauw University's Wallace-Stewart Commons, located in the new Hoover dining hall. This signature space hosts the board of trustees and board of visitors meetings. Hoover Hall opened in 2016, and was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects to match the schools classic Georgian styled campus.

Risley stacking dining chair by Eustis Chair is made in the USA with a 20 year warranty

November 23, 2017

Risley Residential College

Cornell University hired Eustis Chair to adapt our durable stacking wood chairs for their Risley Residential College's famous Dining Room. Our newly created Risley chair shares similar gothic design elements as the castle's refectory, which is modeled after Christchurch Refectory at Oxford University
Harriet E. Richards Cooperative House

September 13, 2017

Harriett E. Richards House

We are very proud to have built and delivered our Claremont stacking chair to Boston University's Harriet E Richards Cooperative House for their Elizabethan Dining Room. The H.E.R. House is one of the first cooperative dormitories in the nation, and provides low cost housing and meals to 24 bright, undergraduate women each year. The model home is sited in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood in a beautiful brownstone built in 1897, which was purchased by the University using donations from early H.E.R. House residents. Boston University's Interior Designers chose our Claremont chair for it's unmatched stacking functionality, sustainability, and 20 year warranty against joint failure.

Millbrook Stacking Wood Dining Chair by Eustis Chair at Gordon College Easton Dining Hall

August 24, 2017

Gordon College Easton Dining Hall

Gordon College in Massachusetts just unveiled their newly renovated Easton Dining Hall for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. The renovation designed by Bruner / Cott & Associates along with Windover Construction features 408 Millbrook stacking wood dining chairs to complement the new, elegant wood wall paneling, and fireplaces. Gordon College chose Eustis Chairs for this important project based on our chair's durable patented Eustis Joint® construction, stacking functionality, and unmatched 20 year warranty. View our Eustis Chair Facebook page to see before and after photos, a time lapse video of the installation, and other college dining projects.
Westminster Boarding and College Preparatory School Dining Hall with stacking Eustis Chair

August 7, 2017

Westminster School Dining Hall Installation

We recently delivered and installed 600 Westminster stacking wood dining chairs to the Westminster School for their new Dining Hall opening this Fall. The Dining Hall designed by GUND Partnership Architects and Planners and built by Bartlett Brainard Eacott, Inc, allows the entire school and faculty to dine together for the first time in decades. The school chose our Westminster stacking chair, which we designed for them in 2009 for their Armour Academic Center. The Westminster stacking chair is very durable and sustainable thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® which allows our chairs to stack up to 8 chairs high, and comes with our 20 year warranty against joint failure. Contact us today to learn more about this project and how we can help you with our exceptional chairs for your next renovation or project. View our Eustis Chair Facebook page to see more photos from the installation.
River Oaks Chippendale styled stacking wooden banquet chair

June 15, 2017

Pushing the Limit

Traditional Elegance in a Stacking Hardwood Chair

We have added a ball-and-claw leg to our very popular, Chippendale styled, Claremont stacking chair, to create the River Oaks chair. The River Oaks chair offers unsurpassed elegance in a stacking hardwood chair.

Boise stacking wooden chair for TCU Carr Chapel by Eustis Chair

May 26, 2017

TCU Carr Chapel

Texas Christian University's Facilities and Interior Design team hired Eustis Chair to build our Boise model stacking hardwood chairs for their recently completed Carr Chapel renovation. The Carr Chapel is one of the most iconic and important buildings on campus, hosting weekly worship services and over 400 weddings and events per year. The renovation focused on ADA accessibility, usability, and aesthetics. Our durable, U.S. made, stacking wooden chairs allow the chapel and chancel to easily reconfigure their seating while maintaining their traditional look. The Boise stacking chair stacks up to 8 chairs high, and comes with a 20 year warranty against chair joint failure.

Merrimac stacking wooden chair by Eustis Chair

May 2, 2017

Westover School Dining Hall

The Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut had a common problem that many college preparatory and boarding schools face. Their wood dining hall chairs do not stack, and thus create headaches for the school's facilities team every time the floors need to be cleaned, or the room needs to be rearranged. This will all change in August when the school takes delivery of 200 stacking Eustis Chairs. The School, their dining hall renovation architect, OMR Architects, and consultant Cynthia Westerman, chose our Merrimac chair for it's lightweight ability to stack ten chairs high, 20 year warranty, and seating comfort. Contact us today to learn how our U.S. made stacking hardwood chairs can help your school.

Millbrook stacking wooden chair with black stain

April 21, 2017

Uno Pizzeria Deep Creek

Uno Pizzeria & Grill in Deep Creek, Maryland is one of the busiest and highest grossing restaurants of the more 130 Uno's locations. This flagship restaurant and their interior design team, Studio Tyak in Boston, hired Eustis Chair to build our durable, stacking Millbrook chair. The Millbrook chair is different than every other hardwood chair in that it can stack eight chairs high, and comes with a twenty year warranty against joint failure thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® construction. Contact us today to learn more about our chairs and how we can help you and your clients.
Westminster stacking hardwood dining hall chair by Eustis Chair

March 21, 2017

Westminster School Dining Hall

Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut and their architect Gund Partnership have chosen Eustis Chair to design and  manufacture stacking wooden dining hall chairs for their new dining hall opening this Fall. The new dining hall will seat 600 students and staff, marking the first time in many years that the entire school can share meals together. Westminster and Gund Partnership chose our Westminster stacking chair for it's ability to stack eight chairs high, and our unmatched durable hardwood chair construction made possible by our patented Eustis Joint®. This will be the second hardwood chair project for one of the most prestigious, private boarding and day college preparatory schools in the USA.
The solid hardwood River Oaks ball and claw foot front legs are made in the USA, and are hand sanded in six separate operations.

January 20, 2017

Made In The USA

Every Eustis Chair is manufactured to order from rough lumber to finish in our United States chair factory. No detail is overlooked by our skilled workers and team. Even our new, elegant, River Oaks stacking wooden chair, with it's intricate ball and claw front leg, is hand carved and hand sanded by our team. In fact each ball and claw leg requires six separate sanding operations after carving. You can see the level of quality and craftsmanship in the finished product and the care used to build each chair. The photo on the right shows the River Oaks ball and claw legs after the fourth, fifth, and sixth sanding steps from top to bottom.

River Oaks stacking dining and banquet chair with elegant Chippendale design and Ball & Claw front legs

November 30, 2016

Harbour Trees Golf & Beach Club

Harbour Trees Golf & Beach Club of Noblesville, IN, today ordered 250 of our newest banquet chair, the River Oaks. Club Manager Phil Fozo was impressed with the traditional elegance of this new chair, and was sold on Eustis Chair after speaking with Susan Schenkel, GM at nearby Woodstock Club; her club has been using Eustis stacking chairs for 3 years. The River Oaks chair is manufactured in our US Factory, stacks 6 to 8 chairs high, and comes with a 20 year warranty.
Towson University Newell Hall exterior

November 22, 2016

Towson University Newell Dining Hall

Like many public universities, Towson has several beautiful older buildings where traditional furniture helps to maintain the school's history. So when school administrators began planning the renovation of the Newell Dining Hall, they decided to look for an elegant Gothic style hardwood chair. Their final choice was our Taft stacking chair, which was also recently chosen for fraternity house renovations at Indiana University Bloomington, and Cornell University. The Taft chair stacks six to eight chairs high, and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty.

George Washington's Mount Vernon in Virginia

November 15, 2016

Mount Vernon Ladies Association

The Mount Vernon Ladies Association was founded in 1853 to preserve the deteriorating home of our first President, George Washington. This distinguished group of women still work together to preserve and maintain George Washington's Mount Vernon. Local famed designer Michael Roberson chose our Claremont chair for the renovation of the Frances P. Bolton room where M.V.L.A members from every state gather monthly to further their worth cause.

Council Room stacking hardwood chair.

October 24, 2016

Roxbury Latin School

Eustis Chair is proud to add Roxbury Latin School to our list of preparatory and boarding school chair clients. Massachuestts's oldest preparatory school chose our stacking Council Room chairs for their new Varsity Room which will be a multi-use boardroom and meeting room overlooking the football and lacrosse fields. The project is being designed by the talented team at Hastings Architecture in Nashville. Roxbury Latin and their design team chose this elegant stacking chair for its superior comfort and 20 year warranty.

Merrimac stacking dining chair at Harvard Business School. Every chair is made in the USA.

October 16, 2016

A Chair With Three Lives

Harvard Business School purchased 200 Merrimac stacking chairs for their Faculty Club in 2004. The faculty loved the comfort, the staff loved the lightweight, stacking feature of our chairs.

10 years later, as the school needed to expand their Executive Education facility, the Faculty Club in Kresge Hall was demolished to make room for the new, state of the art Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center, designed by Goody Clancy, and the chairs were moved to the campus's temporary Executive Education dining facility called Crimson Commons while the new Chao Center was under construction.

When the Chao Center was complete this past June, the original Merrimac chairs, with their 20 year warranty, were refinished and re-upholstered, ready for their third career in the new dining area. Thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® construction, Eustis chairs are truly made to meet the test of time!

Louis stacking dining and banquet chair by Eustis Chair with cushioned seat and oval back and 20 year warranty

August 8, 2016

The Argyle

We are honored to be building stacking dining chairs for The Argyle in Texas. The Argyle, located near San Antonio, Texas is a unique club, whose members are devoted to the support of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. The member only dining club occupies an elegant, and historic 19th century Hacienda in the prestigious city of Alamo Heights, which is surrounded by the city of San Antonio. The club's General Manager, Michael Vlad chose our Louis stacking chair to replace their aging collection of non-stacking wood chairs. The elegant, U.S. made, Louis chair is styled after the King Louis XVI design period, comes with a 20 year warranty against joint failure, and stacks up to 8 chairs high. Contact us today to learn more about this project, our chair line, or custom chairs.
River Oaks stacking wooden dining chair with Chippendale style hardwood frame and ball and claw legs

July 5, 2016

Stacking Ball and Claw Dining Chair

The newly designed River Oaks stacking dining and banquet chair is our most elegantly designed chair yet. The River Oaks chair features a ball and claw foot leg, yet still stacks 8 chairs high, and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty against joint failure, thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® Each chair is made to order with your choice of either wood or cushioned seats, in any hardwood, and will be custom stained to match your project in our US factory.
Claremont model stacking wooden dining, banquet chair with elegant Chippendale design by Eustis Chair

June 30, 2016

Minneapolis Club Dining Banquet Chairs

The Minneapolis Club ordered their new Eustis banquet chairs in time for the summer wedding season, including that of the club President's daughter! Founded in 1883, the Minneapolis Club has served as the Twin Cities' premier civic, business, and social gathering place. Their ivy-covered, neo-georgian styled clubhouse located in central downtown Minneapolis was designed by two architectural firms, Gordon, Tracy and Swartwout, and William Ellery Channing Whitney and is a perfect location for the traditional elegance of our Chippendale styled Claremont chair. General Manager Gary Kamenicky wanted a full-function stacking chair, and loves our 20 year warranty.
Merrimac stacking wooden chair stacks 10 chairs high and has a 20 year warranty

April 1, 2016

Pi Beta Phi Sorority

The Ohio Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Sorority at Ohio University Chooses Eustis Chair. 

More sororities and fraternities are learning the benefits of an elegant hardwood stacking chair with a 20 year warranty. Pi Beta Phi chose our elegant and lightweight Merrimac chair for their recent dining renovation. Engineered with the patented Eustis Joint®, this comfortable chair stacks up to 10 chairs high, and fits well in a renovated space that is elegant, but a little less traditional. We are honored to have built our US Made, durable, hardwood chairs for this prestigious chapter.

Council Room stacking dining chair has a hardwood frame, cushioned seat and back, and comes with a 20 year warranty

March 25, 2016

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, located in Orlando, Florida, is know for it's Championship Tom Fazio Design golf course, for the traditional elegance of it's 40,000 sq ft clubhouse, and for a few of its more famous members, like Annika Sorenstam, Graeme McDowell, and Justin Rose. Club Manager Ryan Spence wanted the convenience of a stacking chair, but insisted on the elegance and superior comfort of our Council Room stacking dining chair. Like all of our stacking hardwood chairs, the Council Rooms stack 8 chairs high, and comes with our 20 year warranty.
The Millbrook School's Dining Hall with 400 stacking chairs made by Eustis Chair

January 26, 2016

Millbrook School Dining Hall Chairs

The Millbrook School located in Millbrook, New York will be moving into their new 400 seat dining hall this coming summer. Working with their architects, Voith & Mactavish, the school chose Eustis Chair to build a custom, stacking hardwood dining hall chair, and has been using 200 of the same chairs in the old dining hall for 2 years. Housekeeping Supervisor Marie Garbellano is thrilled with the performance of their Eustis Chairs from phase 1, and has just ordered the final 170 chairs for summer 2016 delivery.
Eustis Chair's stacking Council Room Arm Chair at Wood Hole Golf Club

January 19, 2016

Woods Hole Golf Club

Founded in 1899, the Woods Hole Golf Club is building a brand new clubhouse on the same beautiful site as the original, overlooking Buzzards Bay and Quisset Harbor. Club members turned to Boston based CBT Architects to design their new clubhouse, and to Dallas based Wilson Associates for their interior design. Both the club and interior designers turned to Eustis Chair for their new dining/banquet chairs, choosing our new Council Room stacking arm chair. This elegant chair stacks 6 high, offers remarkable comfort, and comes with a 20 year warranty. To see more photos of this project view our fine dining installation page.
Claremont stacking wooden chair for dining, banquet, boardroom use is made in the USA, and stacks 8 chairs high.

November 20, 2015

New Wider Stacking Chippendale Chairs

The Schuyler Meadows Club near Albany, New York loved our elegant Chippendale styled Claremont stacking hardwood chair, but wanted the seat a bit wider for extra comfort. We are excited to offer this new wider Chippendale chair to other clubs and banquet facilities who prefer extra seating comfort, and are willing to live with lower seating density. Like all of our stacking hardwood chairs, the Claremont II stacks 6 to 8 chairs high, and comes with a unmatched 20 year warranty.
Empire 10-60 stacking wooden banquet and dining chair is designed to fit 10 chairs around a 60 inch table

October 11, 2015

Empire 10-60 Stacking Banquet Chair

The Empire 10-60 stacking, dining, and banquet chair combines French Empire design elegance, with 21st century durability only our patented Eustis Joint® can provide. Our new ten-sixty chair designs make it possible to sit ten guests around a sixty inch round table, with each chair tucked under the table cloth. Like all of our stacking dining and banquet chairs, the Empire 10-60 can be stacked 8 chairs high, and comes with a 20 year warranty against joint failure.
Boise stacking wooden chair with clean, modern design and unmatched durability. Built to stack 8 chairs high.

October 3, 2015

University of Wisconsin Dining

Planners for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Elizabeth Waters Dining Facility, Liz's Market, have chosen Eustis Chair's Boise stacking chair for use in their renovated dining commons. The Boise stacking chair is the perfect fit for the more contemporary styling of Elizabeth Waters Residence Hall, and brings with it convenience of a stacking chair. Engineered with our patented Eustis Joint®, these chairs stack up to 8 chairs high and come with a 20 year warranty.

October 3, 2015

Durable Folding Wood Chair

The new Ashburnham Folding chair is our first ever wood folding chair. As with all of our chairs we have focused on designing this chair to stand up to heavy use in colleges and universities, preparatory and boarding school, church, chapel and synagogue, and dining & banquet use. Each chair is made to order in our U.S. chair factory and can be made with a wood or cushioned seat in your choice of hardwood specie. Contact us today for pricing or samples!
Eustis stacking chairs around Harkness Tables in classrooms at Belmont Hill School

September 9, 2015

Harkness Table Chair Buyers Guide

Preparatory schools around the world are embracing the collaborative learning benefits of the Harkness philosophy of teaching. Harkness teaching uses one large oval table with pull out tablets for each classroom to foster teacher and student discussion. Harkness Tables are named after the major American philanthropist Edward Harkness (1874 – 1940). Edward Harkness donated $5.8 million in 1930 to Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire to limit class size to 12 students, while also requiring the teacher to share an oval table with students for class discussion rather than lecture. This style of learning provides great opportunities for student led dialogue and questions. It is important to carefully consider your chair selection for your Harkness Table classroom.  Here are a few points to consider before buying your Harkness chairs:

How long is the chair warranty?
  • Most company's only warrant their hardwood chairs for 5 years against manufacturing defects.
  • All Eustis Chairs manufactured with our patented Eustis Joint® warrantied for 20 years against joint failure (where most chairs break).
How comfortable is the chair?
  • Eustis Chair offers stylish chairs, but never at the cost of comfort.
  • All Eustis Chair seats use 2.5" of high density foam for maximum sitting comfort.
  • Eustis Chair wood seats and saddled and sanded for comfort and for varied seating positions.
Does the chair match or enhance the ambiance and feel of your school and classroom?
  • Eustis Chair offers a wide variety of chair designs to fit every style of decor.
  • Eustis Chair builds all of our chairs in the USA from any hardwood specie and any stain color to perfectly match your Harkness Tables.

Bainbridge Island stacking wooden dining chair made in the USA with our patented joinery to stack 8 chairs high

July 21, 2015

University of Oklahoma Memorial Union

When The University of Oklahoma renovated the Oklahoma Memorial Union in 2014, they did not get funding to replace their aging wood dining chairs in their Will Rogers Room. A year later the funding came through for a set of elegant and very durable Bainbridge Island chairs. Unlike their old chair, the Bainbridge Island stacks 6-8 chairs high, and comes with our 20 year warranty. View our School Dining Installations page to view photos from this project and other similar chair projects.

Merrimac wooden stacking chair with simple clean Craftsman style and patented, U.S. made construction designed to stack 10 chairs high

June 2, 2015

Saint Ignatius College Prep Study Hall

Founded in 1870 in Chicago, Saint Ignatius College Prep values tradition in their campus buildings, but needs to be able to re-purpose their study hall room to meet the diverse needs of a modern student body. They were delighted to find our Merrimac chair, which is relatively lightweight, stacks 8-10 high, and comes with our remarkable 20 year warranty. 

Boise stacking chair by Eustis Chair in solid hardwood, stacks 8 chairs high

May 21, 2015

Baylor's 1845 at Memorial Dining Hall

Working with RBDR Architects and Total Office Solutions, Baylor University chose two Eustis stacking chairs for the dining renovation, 1845 at Memorial. This 500 seat dining hall nicknamed Memo, is our largest installation of the new Boise Stack chair, and will include an Honors Residential College area with our elegant Bohemian chair. Both chairs are engineered with the patented Eustis Joint®, stack 8 chairs high, and are warranted for a full 20 years. To see more photos of this project and other similar installations view our School Dining Installation page.

Bohemian stacking chair is comfortable, elegant, and very durable. Made with cushioned seat and back and patented Eustis Joint construciton

April 24, 2015

Boston Symphony Orchestra Chooses Eustis Chair

Working with Cambridge Architects Epstein Joslin, the BSO today chose our Bohemian chair for its renovation of the O’Block-Kay Room. This great chair will bring traditional elegance and superior patron comfort to the BSO function space, without sacrificing the ability to easily move and store the chairs. The Bohemian stacks 6-8 high, and comes with our remarkable 20 year warranty.

Bohemian stacking wooden arm chair with comfortable padded back and seat, has a 20 year warranty, and stacks 6 chairs high

March 30, 2015

Comfortable Stacking Arm Chair

The Bohemian arm chair shares the same timeless, elegant styling as our popular Bohemian side chair. The comfortable hardwood chair design paired with our unmatched durability (20 year joint warranty), make the Bohemian chair line second to none for use in any high use special space. The Bohemian arm and side chair models stack and can be easily moved with our custom chair transporter allowing your staff to reconfigure rooms or clean. Like all of our chairs, each one is made to order in the USA from sustainably grown hardwoods by our expert craftspeople from your choice of commercially graded fabric or leather. Contact us today to learn more about our chairs, pricing, or to request a sample.
Virginian stacking arm chair for Harvard University's Dunster House study rooms

February 17, 2015

Harvard Dunster House Study Chairs

Working with New York City architects Beyer Blinder Belle, Harvard College has chosen our Virginian stacking chair for the study areas in the renovation of Dunster House. Engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Virginian has the superior durability required for a university study area, along with the clean, contemporary look they wanted in the renovated space.
Council Room stacking chair for the Yale Club of New York City

January 5, 2015

Yale Club of NYC

The Yale Club of New York City and their designer Executive Interiors chose the Council Room Chair, a modified version of our Bohemian stacking chair, for the renovation of their very elegant Trumbull Room. The new chair has a slightly eased seating angle and a slightly deeper seat. Thanks to our proprietary Eustis Joint®, this great chair still stacks 6-8 high and comes with a 20 year warranty. To see more photos of this project view our fine dining installation page.

Claremont stacking Chippendale chair for Memphis Country Club

December 10, 2014

Memphis Country Club

The Memphis Country Club in Memphis, Tennessee today became the sixth private club to choose the Claremont stacking chair in just 17 months. This chair is our most authentic Chippendale reproduction, and yet it has superior comfort, stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. 

Merrimac stacking chair with Craftsman style for Edward Collins Funeral Home.

November 20, 2014

Funeral Home Chooses Eustis

The Edward L. Collins Funeral Home has supported its Oxford, PA community for 40 years. Second generation manager Kevin Collins chose our Merrimac stacking chair for the renovation of their chapel. This will be our fourth funeral home chapel with this great stacking chair. 

Claremont stacking Chippendale hardwood chairs built for Echo Lake Country Club

October 16, 2014

Echo Lake Country Club Part 2

Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield, NJ, planned to replace their 220 dining/banquet chairs in 2014, but did not have a sufficient budget to buy a Eustis stacking chair with a 20 year warranty. Instead of settling for a second rate chair, they ordered 121 chairs last February, and came back to us in October for the final 100 chairs, to be delivered and funded in 2015. 

Postcard of the historic Bexar County Courthouse

September 10, 2014

1896 Historic Courthouse Renovation

Eustis Chair is honored to be a part of the renovation of the 1896 era Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio Architects Fisher Heck wanted a traditional chair that stacks for the historical renovation of the beautiful Double-Height courtroom at Bexar County Courthouse, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. They chose our Bainbridge Island stacking chair, one of a dozen stacking hardwood chairs that will bring traditional elegance into any historic renovation space. The Bainbridge Island chairs stack 6-8 high, and come with our unmatched 20 year warranty.

State stacking hardwood club chair for Liseter Clubhouse

August 1, 2014

Toll Brothers Liseter Clubhouse

Toll Brothers and Interior Designers, Mary Cook Associates, came back to Eustis Chair for chairs at the new luxury home community Clubhouse at Liseter located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. After choosing Eustis Chair a year ago for their Regency at Monroe luxury home development in Monroe Township, NJ, Toll Brothers came back to us for stacking chairs for their award winning clubhouse at Liseter. The clubhouse was recognized with the Platinum 2015 Best Community Facility Award by the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) which is part of the National Association of Home Builders. Interior designers Mary Cook Associates selected our State stacking chair for its comfort, and for its classic Arts & Crafts styling, ideal for the renovation of this historic 1919 era barn. Liseter is set on 200 acres, and has an incredible history, of being owned by Jean Liseter Austin and her husband, William du Pont, Jr. Together the du Pont's bred thoroughbred race horses and welsh ponies on the beautiful land, and created the first indoor galloping track in the United States, along with many other training tracks, stables and barns. 

Millbrook School stacking hardwood dining chairs with traditional design and cutting edge, durable construction

July 2, 2014

Millbrook School Stacking Dining Chairs

The Millbrook School and their architects, Voith & Mactavish Architects LLP, asked us to combine design elements of our Westminster and Merrimac stacking chairs to create the new Millbrook stacking chair for use in their new dining hall opening in the Fall of 2015. Everybody liked the new Millbrook chair, our 27th stacking hardwood chair design. Carefully engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Millbrook stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. View our School Dining Installations page to view photos from the project and other similar boarding and preparatory school dining projects.
Eustis Chair's stacking Merrimac chair for Bliley's Funeral Home chapel.

June 16, 2014

Repeat Order from Richmond Funeral Home

The Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home chose our Merrimac stacking chair 2 years ago for their Chippenham Chapel, and came back to us last week for a new order for their Staples Mill Chapel. With many less expensive alternatives, it is gratifying when a customer comes back to us for our unique combination of elegance and functionality in a stacking hardwood chair. 

Eustis Chair's stacking Claremont dining and banquet chair in solid hardwood is made in the USA.

May 20, 2014

Cherokee Town Club

Working with Atlanta based designers HINT | Harris Interiors the Cherokee Town and Country Club chose the Eustis Claremont stacking chair for their dining room renovation. Cherokee Town and Country Club is the second HINT | Harris Interiors client to choose this elegant stacking chair, and our fourth customer for this great chair. Like all of our stacking hardwood chairs, the Claremont stacks 6-8 high, and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty.

Boise stacking hardwood chairs for Belmont Hill School's Academic Center. Sustainable, durable, US Made.

April 29, 2014

Belmont Hill School

Belmont Hill School Chooses Eustis for Harkness Table Chairs
Working with Boston designers Stefura Associates, the Belmont Hill School asked us to make a stacking version of our popular Boise hardwood chair for use around Harkness Tables being installed in newly opened Melvoin Academic Center. The new Boise Stack has the same comfort and great looks of the original Boise, but it also stacks 6-8 high. And because the Boise Stack is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, it comes with our remarkable 20 year warranty. 

Eustis Chair, Claremont stacking hardwood chair with Chippendale design for Echo Lake Country Club

January 28, 2014

Echo Lake Country Club

Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield, NJ found themselves with 4 different chairs in their clubhouse, none of which stacked, and many of which were breaking. They were thrilled to learn of the Chippendale styled Claremont, which has the elegance and comfort demanded by their members, stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. They ordered 120 chairs to start, and will replace the remaining 100 dining chairs later this year.

Claremont stacking dining chair in hardwood with cushioned faux leather seat for Country Club of Buffalo

December 17, 2013

Country Club of Buffalo

Founded in 1889, the Country Club of Buffalo prides itself for bringing the game of golf to western NY state. For their banquet chair replacement, they chose our new Claremont fine dining chair. This elegant Chippendale design looks like it is right out of the 1880's, and will be a major enhancement to the elegance of the traditional space at the club. Who would guess that this chair stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty!
Eustis Chair, State stacking hardwood chair with cushioned seat and back and Craftsman styling

December 5, 2013

First United Methodist of Fort Worth

Renovations to the elegant 1929 First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas included the choir area, and the staff sought a stacking chair that could offer comfort and traditional elegance for their beautiful church. Our State stacking wood chair was the perfect fit, and the chairs will be built in White Oak and stained to match the 85 year-old millwork. The State chair is engineered with the proprietary Eustis Joint®, and comes with an unparalleled 20 year warranty
University Club stacking hardwood chair with Chippendale styling for the Woodstock Club

October 10, 2013

Woodstock Club Indianapolis

Founded in 1897, Woodstock Club is a pre-eminent private country club in Indianapolis. GM Susan Schenkel needed to replace her aging hardwood banquet chairs, and was delighted to learn about our new University Club 10-60; an elegant Chippendale chair that stacks, and which can seat 10 patrons around a 60" table. The 290 new stacking hardwood chairs will be delivered in January, 2014.

Eustis State stacking hardwood chair with cushioned seat and back for Swan Point Cemetery.

August 14, 2013

Swan Point Cemetery

Working with Providence designers Taylor Interior Design, Swan Point Cemetery today ordered 89 State stacking hardwood chairs for their chapel. We have been presenting our chairs for two years now at the National Funeral Director's conference, and this is our third major project in this market. 

Eustis Chair's new Claremont stacking hardwood chair with Chippendale style and unmatched durability

July 26, 2013

New Stacking Dining Chair

When none of our existing designs was elegant enough for Oakland's Claremont Country Club, we added a carved back-splat and fluted front posts to one of our proven stacking chair frames. The final product is comfortable, drop-dead gorgeous, and stacks 6-8 high. And because it is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Claremont chair comes with a 20 year warranty! 
Eustis Chair's Merrimac stacking hardwood chair with traditional Arts and Crafts design and a 20 year warranty

July 3, 2013

Chesterfield County Library

Chesterfield County Public Library chose Eustis Chair for the third time for their library branch renovation projects. The 10 branch Chesterfield County Library system is located just outside of Richmond, Virginia first discovered Eustis Chair in 2008, when they ordered 96 Merrimac stacking wood chairs. They came back to us in 2011 for an order of Medford library chairs, and are now back to the Merrimac chair for another library renovation. They know through experience the value of our proprietary Eustis Joint®, and our 20 year warranty! 
Eustis Chair's elegant Otesaga stacking hardwood chair has a cushioned seat and back, is made to order in the USA.

June 1, 2013

Regency at Monroe Recreation Center

Chicago based designers Mary Cook & Associates came to Eustis Chair when their client, Toll Brothers, said they wanted an elegant hardwood chair that stacks, for the tennis pavilion at Regency at Monroe. They chose our Otesaga chair, designed 3 years ago for the Otesaga Resort Hotel in upstate NY. Like all of our hardwood stacking chairs, the Otesaga stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Eustis Chair's Virginian stacking dining chair at Harvard University's Cronkhite Center

May 2, 2013

Harvard University Cronkhite Center Dining Hall

Working with local architects DiMella Shaffer, Harvard University has chosen our Virginian chair for the renovation of the dining hall at the Cronkhite Center. The University wanted an upgraded look for the new dining hall, and also wanted the advantages of a stacking chair. Engineered with the proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Virginian stacks up to 7 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Eustis Chair's Willard stacking dining chair for Marist College's new Student Center Dining Hall

April 16, 2013

Marist Student Center Renovation

Marist College chose Robert A.M. Stern Architects of New York City for the major renovation of their student center. Stern Architects recommended a traditional hardwood stacking chair for the renovation, and the College chose our Willard chair for their 540 seat dining hall, the centerpiece of the renovated Student Center. Engineered with the proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Willard stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. View our School Dining Installations page to see photos from this and other similar projects.
Eustis Chair's Burton Judson dining chair is sustainable, durable, US made, and comes with a 20 year warranty

April 9, 2013

Burton Judson Court Dining Hall

We are proud to be building our second chair order for the University of Chicago's Burton-Judson Court's Dining Hall this summer. Our first installation at The University of Chicago was 550 Bartlett Hall stacking chairs in 2001 in the Bartlett Commons Dining Hall. In 2009, the University came back to us for 325 stacking chairs for the dining renovation at Burton-Judson Courts. This year, they are adding another 218 Burton Judson stacking chairs for the same facility. Good follow-up service has helped bring them back to Eustis Chair, but the real key is the durability of our stacking hardwood chairs, engineered with the patented Eustis Joint®.
Eustis Chair's University Club 10-60 dining chair is narrower in design to sit 10 people around a 60 inch round table

March 3, 2013

10 Hardwood Stack Chairs Around a 60" Round!

Many fine clubs seat 10 people around a 60" round table for their weddings and functions. We have down-sized our very successful University Club chair to accommodate ten at a 60" round, now the University Club 10-60. The comfort and elegance are still there, but in a slightly smaller design that still stacks up to 7 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. 

Eustis Chair's Ivy League Stackable dining chair with elegant comfortable Chippendale styling and durable US made construction

February 7, 2013

The Country Club Stacking Chairs

The Country Club in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts has chosen the Ivy League Stackable chair for a multi-year program to upgrade their banquet facilities. This new design combines the elegance of Chippendale styling with the convenience of a full-function stack chair. And, of course, the chair is engineered with our patented Eustis Joint®, and comes with a 20 year warranty! 
Eustis Chair's Merrimac stackable hardwood chair with traditional Craftsman design and US made durable construction

January 4, 2013

Funeral Home Chapel Renovation

Our first funeral home project was in Kingston, Ontario, with an owner who found us on the web. We started marketing to this group a year ago, and our second customer is the Bliley's Funeral Homes in Richmond, VA. Both firms were replacing traditional pews, and sought the convenience of a stacking chair, but were unwilling to give up the traditional elegance their patrons require.

Merrimac stacking hardwood chair in Ash and cushioned seat for Brewster Academy. Stacks 10 chairs high and has a 20 year warranty.

December 12, 2012

Brewster Academy Dining Hall

Brewster Academy Chooses Merrimac Chair for New Dining Hall. Working with Lavallee/Brensinger Architects, planners at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, NH wanted a lightweight hardwood stacking chair for their dining hall renovation. At 15 pounds in solid Ash, the Merrimac is one of our lightest weight stacking hardwood chairs. And because it is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Merrimac comes with a 20 year warranty against joint failure. 
Saint Martin stacking arm chair in dining room at Bay Colony Beach Club in Naples, Florida

December 3, 2012

Bay Colony Beach Club

Bay Colony Beach Club of Naples, Florida took delivery today of their new St. Martin stacking hardwood arm chairs, and set them out in one of their dining rooms, overlooking the Gulf Coast. We think this photo tells a nice story about our stacking hardwood chairs. View our fine dining installations to see more photos of this and other similar club and hospitality chair projects.

Eustis Chair's Bartlett Hall stacking dining chair with Craftsman and Gothic styling and durable US made construction

November 13, 2012

UW Madison's Carson's Market

KEE Architecture Principal Jan Eymann told us she needed a hardwood chair that would be "vintage appropriate" for the historical renovation of Carson's Market, a University of Wisconsin - Madison dining hall originally built in 1926. The dining hall is named after Carson Gulley, who was the head chef for UW Madison for 27 years. Carson Gulley was a local tv and radio celebrity, and civil rights pioneer. The University's chosen designer, Jan Eymann, was delighted when she saw our Bartlett Hall chair, and her client was very pleased to learn the new chair stacks 8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. 

Burton Judson chair with Gothic style stacks 8 chairs high, is made to order in the USA, and has a 20 year warranty.

October 4, 2012

Cornell A. D. White House

The A. D. White House at Cornell University houses the Society for the Humanities, and was built in 1871. When university architects looked for a new chair for the elegant, Gothic style dining room, their first call was to Eustis Chair. Our Burton Judson chair was a perfect fit, and had the added advantage of stack-ability. 

Saint Martin stacking wood dining, banquet, boardroom chair with Chippendale styling and upholstered seat and back. Made in the USA.

September 30, 2012

New Chippendale Stacking Dining Chair

The newly designed, stacking, Saint Martin dining and banquet chair employs class Chippendale design elements, and is aptly named after the London street Thomas Chippendale used for his workshop from 1754 until 1813. The Saint Martin chair is sustainably made to order in our US workshop from any commercially available fabric and hardwood specie, and custom stained to match your tables or millwork. Like all of our stacking chairs, the St. Martin Chair stacks 8 chairs high, and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty against joint failure thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® technology, which makes that chair joints stronger than the hardwood used to build the chair.
Eustis Chair's Bohemian stacking dining chair in solid durable hardwood with comfortable cushioned seat and back

August 7, 2012

Bohemian Club Brings in 88 more Stacking Chairs

The Bohemian Club of San Francisco has a rich history and a truly elegant 1930's clubhouse. This year's order for 88 chairs is the third of a multi-year program to replace all of their banquet chairs. The Bohemian Stack is elegant and comfortable, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Eustis Chair's Queen Anne style stacking hardwood dining chair with wood or cushioned seat and 20 year warranty

June 14, 2012

New Queen Anne Stacking Chair

Who would think that a chair as elegant as our new Queen Anne would stack up to 7 high, and come with a 20 year warranty? This new design truly demonstrates the capabilities of our patented Eustis Joint®: traditional elegance, in a chair that also offers comfort, stack-ability, and truly superior durability! 

Merrimac stacking hardwood dining chair has clean traditional design and comes with a 20 year warranty.

June 8, 2012

U Penn's Houston Hall

13 years after choosing our Edison Chair for the original renovation of Houston Hall's Houston Market, University of Pennsylvania planners came back to Eustis Chair for the new bistro and reading room projects. They wanted the flexibility of a stacking hardwood chair, and looked at 4 sample chairs before selecting the clean, transitional design of our Merrimac chair. While the design choice took a few weeks, they never wavered from their initial vendor choice: Eustis Chair

Eustis Chair's stackable University Club chair for fine dining with elegant Chippendale design and 20 year warranty

April 1, 2012

Buffalo Club Chooses Eustis Chair

The Buffalo Club is a city club with a long tradition, founded in 1867 by former United States President, Millard Fillmore, and 92 other prominent gentlemen. The clubhouse is an elegant mansion purchased in 1887, an ideal setting for fine Chippendale dining chairs. General Manager Dan Franklin was delighted to learn that our University Club chair stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20-year warranty. He ordered 60 chairs, and we think he will come back for more next year! 

Eustis Chair's Bartlett Hall stacking hardwood chair stacks 8 chairs high and comes with a 20 year warranty.

March 16, 2012

Rhodes College Dining Renovation

Rhodes College chose our Bartlett Hall chair for their refectory / dining hall renovation, 8 years after choosing our Federal Reserve chair for their new library. Architects Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company were pleased with the look of the Bartlett Hall, and Rhodes College Facilities staff were thrilled to find a stacking hardwood chair with a 20 year warranty

Eustis Chair's University Club stacking chair for University of Florida's Phi Mu, Alpha Nu sorority chapter house

February 9, 2012

University of Florida Phi Mu

University of Florida sorority Phi Mu, Alpha Nu chose our University Club stacking chair for the renovation of their 200 seat dining hall, to be completed this summer. House Corporation President, Jennifer Perillo, was thrilled with the elegance and comfort of this chair, and amazed that a chair so nice could stack 6-8 high and come with a 20 year warranty. 

Bohemian stacking hardwood chairs in Drew University's Keen Reading Room

December 27, 2011

Drew University Kean Room

Private donations made possible the renovation of the former lobby of the Rose Memorial Library at Drew University, to create the Thomas H. Kean Reading Room & Gallery, named after former New Jersey Govenor, Thomas H. Kean. Working with local designers KP InteriorsDrew University chose our Bohemian stacking chair. While the durability of this chair was a factor in the final choice, it was its elegance and comfort that cinched the deal.
Eustis Chair's Empire stacking dining chair with upholstered seat and back for Cafe Boulud

October 17, 2011

Café Boulud Reorders Stacking Chair

Famed Chef Daniel Boulud takes a long-term view of his restaurants, and look for chairs that offer elegance and comfort, and will not wear out. Chef Boulud and his team selected Eustis Chair for the second time to bring elegant stacking chairs to their Café Boulud located in the historic Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach. 

The Bohemian stacking dining/banquet chair is made in the USA and has an unparalleled 20 year warranty

September 14, 2011

Bohemian Club Reorders Stacking Chair

The Bohemian Club of San Francisco has a rich history and a truly elegant 1930's clubhouse. This year's order for 60 chairs is the second of a multi-year program to replace all of their banquet chairs. The Bohemian stacking chair is elegant and comfortable, and comes with a 20 year warranty. 

Stacking University Club hardwood chair with cushioned seat and 20 year warranty.

July 28, 2011

Chevy Chase Club Orders Eustis Banquet Chairs

The members at the Chevy Chase Club wanted an elegant Chippendale chair for their banquet facility, and management wanted the convenience of a stacking chair. Designer Augusta Moravec was delighted to find our University Club stacking chair: elegance and comfort befitting a 110 year-old club in our nation's capital; a solid Cherry chair that stacks 6-8 high and comes with a 20 year warranty. 

King Louis XIV style stacking chair with patented Eustis Joint® construction for unmatched durability

June 13, 2011

Louis XIV Stacking Dining Chair

The new Louis chair is styled after the design period of King Louis XIV, and 18th century France, but the engineering is totally modern. Each chair is made to order in our US Factory from your choice of hardwood, any commercially available leather or fabric, and is built with our patented Eustis Joint®. The Louis dining chair stacks six to eight chairs high, is elegant and comfortable, and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty. 
Eustis Chair's State stacking hardwood dining chair at Moraga County Club

March 8, 2011

Moraga Country Club New Clubhouse

As the monumental task of building a new clubhouse nears completion, Moraga Country Club members selected the State stacking chair, a perfect match for the Arts & Crafts styling of the new clubhouse, designed by Dahlin Group of Pleasanton, CA. The State chair stacks 6-8 high, and yet offers the elegance and comfort demanded by the Moraga membership for their brand new clubhouse. And, like all Eustis Joint® chairs, it comes with a 20 year warranty! View our Fine Dining Installations page to see additional photos of this and other private club and hospitality projects.
State stacking dining chair by Eustis Chair in the University Club of MSU's restaurant, Mingle

February 28, 2011

University Club at Michigan State

Working with their designers, Bakergroup, of Grand Rapids, The University Club of MSU at Michigan State University today chose a stacking hardwood chair for the renovation of their dining room. Club Manager Richard Bruner was impressed with the elegance and comfort of our chair, and was sold by the 20 year warranty. He was also delighted to learn that both the side and arm chairs stack up to 6 high. 

Bohemian stacking dining chair by Eustis Chair

January 5, 2011

Bohemian Club Places Order for Stacking Chairs

Founded in 1872, San Francisco's Bohemian Club has a rich history of bringing together artists, musicians, and global leaders. Their clubhouse, built in the 1930's, offers an elegant and traditional setting for their many gatherings. The club came to Eustis Chair for a stacking hardwood chair, and we created the Bohemian. This new design is engineered with our patented Eustis Joint®, and stacks 6 chairs high. 

Somerset stacking hardwood chair with durable, patented Eustis Joint® construction

December 1, 2010

Canadian Funeral Home Chooses Somerset Chair

Steve Harris, second generation owner of Harris Funeral Home in London, Ontario, Canada was looking to upgrade the elegance and comfort of his chapel chairs, and found us on the web. Steve was very impressed with the variety of stacking hardwood chairs in our line, and chose the Somerset for its simple elegance, its great comfort, and the fact that it stacks 8 high.

Taft stacking dining chair with Gothic design and durable Eustis Joint® construction at Northwestern University

June 11, 2010

Northwestern University Dining Hall

Like many universities today, Northwestern University is upgrading the food service choices for its students. As part of this effort, FGM Architects, of Oak Brook, IL, recommended our Taft stacking chair for the renovation of Willard Dining Hall. As usual, the 20 year warranty on our patented Eustis Joints® made the final decision a lot easier! 

Westminster College of Missouri's Backer Dining Hall cover photo in College Planning & Management magazine

April 12, 2010

Clarkson University Dining Hall

Clarkson University's facilities planners sent the cover of College Planning & Management magazine to their designer, Kevan Moss Design, and asked for a chair like the one in the photo. Ms. Moss found us at Eustis Chair, and discovered that the chair in the photo was our Willard stacking chair, complete with its 20 year warranty! The university ordered the chairs today in solid Cherry, 124 with wood seats and 48 with upholstered seats. 

Bartlett Hall stacking hardwood chair uses Craftsman and Gothic design, stacks 8 chairs high, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

February 4, 2010

Western Kentucky University Chapel

Nashville, Tennessee based designers ID+A were well into the interior design of the new Chandler Memorial Chapel for Western Kentucky University when they learned about our versatile and durable hardwood stacking chairs. The client and their designers settled on the Bartlett Hall, our first and most popular stacking chair design. 

Bartlett Hall Stacking hardwood chairs by Eustis Chair

December 28, 2009

Deerfield Academy Greer Store

For the second time in three years, Deerfield Academy chose a stacking hardwood chair from Eustis Chair for the Greer Store, the school's off hours dining center. School officials cited the quality, comfort, and durability of their current chairs in their decision to stick with Eustis Chair for the new Greer Store, designed by Kuhn Riddle Architects of Amherst, MA

University Club chair with Chippendale styling and durable, patented Eustis Joint construction

November 30, 2009

Essex County Club Reorders from Eustis Chair

Essex County Club Manager Brian Lemire ordered 40 more University Club chairs for 2010 delivery. These chairs represent the second installment in their multi-year program to replace all their non-stacking chairs with this elegant and functional stacking chair.

Otesaga stacking hardwood chair with easy to use built in handle for banquet and dining use built by Eustis Chair

October 21, 2009

Historic Cooperstown Hotel Chooses Eustis Chair

Working with New York City based Jeff Lincoln Interiors, the Otesaga Hotel chose a new Eustis stacking chair for their banquet and function space. Hotel Manager John Irving liked the new design of the Otesaga Chair, and was sold when he learned they stack 6-8 chairs high and come with a 20 year warranty. View our Fine Dining and Banquet Installations page to see more photos of this project and other similar hospitality stacking chair projects.

Bartlett Hall chair by Eustis Chair in solid, durable hardwood with three back slats for blend of Gothic, Craftsman design

June 10, 2009

Bridgewater State Flynn Dining Commons

Bridgewater State University chose the Bartlett Hall chair for their renovation of the 350-seat Flynn Dining Commons. The Facilities staff strongly recommended Eustis Chair to their architects, Connor Architecture, because of their very good experience with our library chairs installed 4 years ago. 

Westminster stacking chair with laser etched Westminster School's crest

June 9, 2009

Westminster School Stacking Chair

Similar to our non-stacking Westminster Chair, we also designed our Westminster stacking chair in collaboration with Boston based Interior Designers, Stefura Associates, and Architects, Gund Partnership for the Westminster School in Simsbury, CT and their new Armour Academic Center. The Westminster stacking chair combines traditional style with unmatched durability, thanks to our patented Eustis Joint®. Our Eustis Joint® technology allows you to stack eight chairs for storage or cleaning, without concern of chair joint failure. Our chair joints are so strong that we warranty them against failure for 20 year. Contact Eustis Chair today to discuss your next chair project, and learn more about how we can help you.

Taft School dining chair by Eustis Chair made in solid hardwood with Gothic design, 20 year warranty, and stacks 8 chairs.

May 12, 2009

Taft School New Dining Hall

Working with Boston Architects Gund Partnership, we modified one of our stacking chair designs to create the new Taft chair for the Taft School's Horrace Duttton Taft Dining Hall. The newly expanded and LEED Gold award winning 600 seat Taft Dining Hall is the most historic building on campus. Once again, our patented Eustis Joint® allowed us to engineer a chair that has it all: elegance, comfort, stack-ability, and a 20-year warranty! View our School Dining Chair Installations page to view photos from this and other Boarding and Preparatory School projects.

Bartlett Hall stacking hardwood chair by Eustis Chair at St Mary's College of California's Oliver Dining Hall

April 9, 2009

Saint Mary's College of California

Three years ago, Saint Mary's College of California chose the Bartlett Hall stacking chair for their 270-chair Oliver Hall dining hall renovation. They have been very pleased with their first Eustis purchase, so it was easy for them to select 60 new Bartlett Hall stacking chairs for their most recent renovation. View our School Dining Chair Installations page to view photos of this project and other similar projects.

William and Mary stacking chair with traditional Georgian design by Eustis Chair for Mason School of Business

March 12, 2009

College of William and Mary Custom

The College of William and Mary (the second oldest university in the United States) hired Robert A. M. Stern Architects to create a traditional Georgian building as the centerpiece of the new Mason School of Business. The New York City based architecture team turned to Eustis Chair to engineer a new custom chair that can stack, gang together, and that would preserve the traditional elegance of the multi-function space. The result is the new William and Mary stacking chair built with our patented Eustis Joint®, and comes with our unmatched 20 year warranty.

University Club stacking dining chair with elegant Chippendale style and ultra durable construction.

February 4, 2009

Essex County Club Chooses University Club Chair

The 116 year-old Essex County Club, north of Boston, chose this elegant, new Chippendale inspired designed, stacking hardwood chair for a phased replacement of all of their banquet seating. Who would guess from the photo that this chair stacks 6-8 chairs high, and comes with a 20-year warranty? 

Burton Judson stacking chair with Gothic design and durable construction by Eustis Chair in Burton Judson dining hall

January 28, 2009

U of Chicago Confirms Order for New Dining Hall

Eight years after choosing our first stacking hardwood chair for Bartlett Dining Commons, The University of Chicago has come back to Eustis Chair for a new stacking chair for its expanded and renovated Burton-Judson Hall. This Gothic chair was specified by Boston architects Goody Clancy, and will enhance the elegance and functionality of the new dining hall for decades. View our School Dining Chair Installations page to view more photos of similar projects.

Merrimac stacking dining chairs by Eustis Chair at Chubb Hotel Conference Center

October 7, 2008

Chubb Center Re-orders Stacking Chairs

In 2007 The Chubb Hotel & Conference Center ordered 275 stacking Merrimac chairs for their function space. Their patrons appreciated the elegance and comfort of the chairs, and the dining staff loved the light weight and ease of stacking. The Center ordered another 100 chairs today, for delivery early next year. View our Fine Dining and Banquet Installations to see additional photos of this and similar projects.

King and Prince stacking chair by Eustis Chair lined up at Boston Public Library's Abbey Room

May 2, 2008

Boston Public Library Abbey Room Chairs

The photo says it all!

Eustis stacking hardwood chairs and custom hand truck chair transporter to move stacks of 6 to 10 chairs at a time

March 30, 2008

Hardwood Stacking Chair Handtruck Transporter

The Eustis Chair Transporter is designed to safely and easily move our line of stacking side and arm chairs. We recommend one transporter per 100 chairs. The stacking chair transporter can move stacks of 6 arm chairs or up to 10 stacking side chairs.
King and Prince stacking chair with elegant Chippendale design and cushioned seat

February 8, 2008

Boston Public Library Abbey Room

The Boston Public Central Library in Copley Square has ordered 200 King & Prince chairs for their renovation of the Abbey Room. These elegant and durable stacking chairs will be going into what is clearly the most elegant public function space in Boston, and possibly in the entire US. The beautiful Abbey Room features the priceless murals, The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail, painted by famed American artist Edwin Austin Abbey. Visit our Public Library Chair Installations page to see photos of this and other projects.

Willard stacking library chair in solid hardwood and cushioned seat by Eustis Chair

November 15, 2007

Santa Clara University Library

Santa Clara University had an interesting challenge for their furniture dealer: find us an elegant hardwood chair for our library reading room that is stackable, so we can bring in more students for special functions. One Workplace, of Milpitas, CA, had worked with Eustis Chair, and knew about our remarkable stacking chairs made with the patented Eustis Joint®; the rest was easy! Santa Clara chose the Willard, our latest design, in solid cherry with a saddled wood seat. 

October 12, 2007

New Fountainhead Stacking Chair

The newly designed Fountainhead stacking chair is ideal for banquet and dining use, given it's comfort and light weight. Our durable wood chairs stack 10 chairs high, come with a 20 year warranty, and can easily be moved with our Eustis custom chair transporter. The Fountainhead is the upholstered back version of our very successful Arts and Crafts designed Bainbridge Island stacking chair. The Fountainhead chair is made to order from your choice of hardwood, and can be upholstered with any commercially available fabric or leather, in our modern US chair factory. Contact us today to request a sample, or pricing.
Willard stacking dining chair

May 1, 2007

Westminster College Dining Chairs

St. Louis based Mackey Mitchell Architects learned of the patented Eustis Joint® while exhibiting next to us at several university trade shows. They recommended our stacking chairs to their client, Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, for their major new dining hall project, Muller Leadership HallWestminster College chose the new Willard chair for their main dining hall, Backer Dining Hall, and they chose the very elegant King & Prince Chair for the small private dining rooms located in Mueller Leadership Hall, an important new campus focal point, opening in the fall of 2007.

Willard stacking dining hall chairs with wood seats and durable, patented Eustis Joint construction.

February 21, 2007

Emma Willard School Custom Stacking Chair

The Emma Willard School in Troy, New York today chose 425 stacking Willard chairs for their renovated Gothic style dining hall. Original plans called for just 160 stacking chairs for use during special school functions. When the Trustees saw the elegance of our stacking wooden chair designed for their facility, they chose to do the entire facility with our Willard chair

Stack of two Merrimac dining chairs with traditional Craftsman style and durable Eustis Joint construction.

January 5, 2007

ACE Conference Center Banquet Hall

ACE Conference Center's Food & Beverage Manager Kevin McFadden spent three months last year evaluating hardwood stacking chairs for their planned banquet hall renovation. He chose Eustis Chair for our patented Eustis Joint®, and for the ease-of-use of our stacking chairs. He chose the Merrimac chair for its comfort and good looks. 

Merrimac stacking dining chairs around set tables at Harvard Business School

January 5, 2007

Stacking Chair Goes to HBS Faculty Club

203 Merrimac stacking chairs were delivered today to the Faculty Club at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. School officials were thrilled with the visual impact of the new chairs, and are planning to replace the rest of their outdated chairs in the next budget cycle. 

Bainbridge Jr stacking chair is lightweight, durable, and Made in the USA

December 20, 2006

HNA Palisades Conference Center

320 Bainbridge Jr. stacking chairs were delivered today to the HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center formerly the IBM Executive Conference Center in Palisades, NY. This busy facility requires the flexibility of a chair that stacks 8-10 chairs high, but insisted on the elegance of a traditional hardwood chair, and the durability of our patented Eustis Joint®. 
Orono stacking wooden chair is made in the USA, has a 20 year warranty, and stacks up to 10 chairs high

November 29, 2006

Our Lightest Stacking Wood Chair

We have designed our Orono chair to be our lightest weight stacking wood chair, coming in at just under 14 pounds per chair. Despite the light weight, the Orono comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty against joint failure, thanks to our patented Eustis Joint®. The chair was first designed in collaboration with the University of Maine Orono for use in their dining hall, but could be used anywhere on campus. The Orono chair can be stacked ten chairs high, and easily moved with our custom chair transporter. Like all of our chairs each model is sustainably made to order from any hardwood specie in our United States chair factory with either wood or cushioned seats, arm or side chairs, and custom stained to match your tables, carrels, millwork or floors.
Stacking Virginian chair with wood frame and comfortable upholstered seat and back

June 22, 2006

Seattle Temple chooses Stackable Virginian Chair

Congregation Beth Shalom has ordered 40 Virginian stacking chairs for their new multi-function space, and will be taking delivery just before Rosh Hashanah. Executive Director Nicole Fox wanted the versatility that comes with a stacking chair, and the donor was delighted with the elegance, comfort, and durability of the Virginian. 

Stacking Bartlett Hall chair with Craftsman / Gothic style, wood or cushioned seat, stacks 8 chairs high

April 3, 2006

Saint Mary's College

When Saint Mary's College of California's planners decided to renovate their main dining hall, Oliver Hall, they insisted on a stacking chair, but wanted something that would upgrade the look and feel of their older facility. They were delighted with the elegance and comfort of our Bartlett Hall chairs, and look forward to a revitalized dining hall for the fall of 2006. View our School Dining Chair Installations page to view photos of this project and College and University Dining Hall installations.

Craftsman stacking dining chair with comfortable upholstered seat and back and durable patented chair construction

March 7, 2006

Hotel Restaurant Stacking Chair

The Westin Convention Center Hotel in Pittsburgh has selected the Craftsman stacking chair for their function room at the Original Fish Market Restaurant. Restaurant Manager Chuck Casto was delighted to find a stackable chair that was elegant enough for his demanding patrons, and yet durable enough to survive in his busy restaurant.

Fred Eustis standing on front chair legs demonstrating the strength of Eustis Chairs

April 15, 2005

Eustis Chair Doubles Warranty

We have been talking for a long time about the durability of our chairs. Our new warranty policy truly reflects our confidence in the chairs we build. The standard Eustis Chair warranty is now for 10 years; and our patented Eustis Joints® are now warranted for an unprecedented 20 years! 

Spanish Revival Mission chair, the Monterey, by Eustis Chair made in the USA in stacking and non-stacking format

March 21, 2004

Custom Spanish Revival Chair

University of California, Berkeley issued its purchase order today for 306 custom stackable chairs in the Spanish Revival style for its renovation of the Clark Kerr dining commons. Berkeley's architects worked with the Engineers at Eustis Chair to combine design aspects from several chairs found in the Monterey area and dating from 1929-1933. And thanks to the patented Eustis Joint®, the Monterey Chair is as durable as it is elegant and functional. View our School Dining Chair Installations page to see photos of this project and other.s

Bainbridge Junior stacking dining chair in solid hardwood built to stack 10 chairs high and made in the USA.

September 8, 2003

Westlake Academy Charter School

Westlake Academy Charter School opened its first school year today, admitting students from grades 1-6 into this brand new Charter School in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. New York City architects Hart Howerton chose our stackable Bainbridge Jr. chair for the school's new dining hall because of its unique combination of good looks, ease of use, and durability. The Bainbridge Jr., like all of our stacking chairs, is built with our patented Eustis Joint®, and comes with a 20-year warranty.

Exeter Modular stacking pew chair by Eustis Chair has a hymnal slot and connects together for straight rows of chairs

January 12, 2003

Phillips Exeter Academy Chapel Pew

Phillips Exeter Academy celebrated the reopening tonight of its 106 year old Phillips Church, the culmination of a 5 year restoration project. The 300 guests enjoyed the comfort and elegance of their surrounding seated in the unique Exeter Modular Pew. These elegant, interlocking, stacking pew chairs, modeled after those in the Washington National Cathedral, have the traditional look and feel of church pews, including a hymnal slot in the back of each chair. As elegant as they are when laid out in rows, the real beauty of these chairs is that they can be quickly disassembled, stacked, and moved in order to reconfigure the chapel for its various uses. Like our other stackable hardwood chairs, the Exeter Modular Pew is engineered with our patented Eustis Joint™, to create a distinctive chair that can truly meet the test of time. 

Bainbridge Jr wooden stacking chair with Craftsman style and durable, U.S. made construction designed to stack 10 chairs high

September 26, 2002

Robert Morris University Chapel Chairs

Robert Morris University held their grand opening ceremony today for their new inter-faith chapel, The Ann and Alvin Rogal Family Chapel. The modern structure features a high ceiling and an abundance of natural light, and sits on the highest point of the campus. Because the 70 chairs are a focal point of the interior decor, the university was delighted to discover that our new Bainbridge Jr. chair provided comfort and traditional elegance in a hardwood stacking chair. Judy Worthington, Manager of Business and Administration for Facilities and Public Safety, said of the chairs that were ordered 4 weeks before the grand opening, “Thank you and your staff for a beautiful product, delivered faster than we would have thought possible.”