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Concord Stacking Arm and Side Chair

This new cross back stacking chair was modeled after a farm house chair, but we have refined the look for added elegance. We chose the name in honor of nearby Concord, MA, where the farms are pretty upscale. Our Concord x back stacking chair shines as a wedding and bridal chair steeped in pastoral tradition, with the additional plus of being a comfortable chair easy to move around. The cross back, or x-back design, are clean counterparts to event decor in any formal setting. 
With a more petite stature than the average seating – measuring in at 34 inches tall – the Concord chair blends seamlessly into any event as a hassle-free component. It is also one of our stacking chairs, which relieves staff of arduous reconfiguration and routine cleaning. The fact that it stacks 6-8 chairs high and comes with a 20-year warranty makes it a real winner for a function space or dining room.
What type of seat can I have? Wood or upholstered, COM/COL
Does this chair come with arms? This chair can come with or without arms.


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Chair Dimensions

Chair diagram
Height (H):  34″
Chair Width (CW): 21″
Seat Depth (SD): 18″
Sitting Height (SH): 18″
Front Width (FW):  18″

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