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In 2020, Eustis Chair proudly manufactured another 772 chairs for Yale University. For this project, Yale University transformed a historic building on their campus. The building was designed by American architect James Gamble Rogers. In fact, he was a Yale alumni. It was the former Hall of Graduate Studies. The space is undergoing a transformation into an updated home for the humanities on the Yale University campus. In fact, the space already won an award! The new Yale project was honored for excellence in planning. The project received the Excellence in Planning Award for a District or Campus Component from the Society for College and University Planning.



David Swensen Tower


The building’s iconic tower will now be known as the David Swensen Tower. Indeed, David Swenson has been the University’s Chief Investment Officer since 1985. Of course, Yale is excited to finally host all their humanities facilities under one roof. Previously, the 14 departments of humanities dispersed across the campus. The hope is this design will allow for future collaborations across multiple disciplines. According to Provost Ben Polak, “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine campus space for the humanities. The renovated Hall of Graduate Studies will situate the humanities literally and figuratively at the heart of university life, and stand as a testament to Yale’s enduring commitment to the vibrancy and centrality of the humanities.”


Ann Beha Architects


Ann Beha Architects were the architects for this project that cost 162 million dollars. They are a group of architects based in Boston. Their work includes planning, designing, and historic preservation for their clients. Eustis Chair worked with the team at Yale and Ann Beha Architects. Ultimately, Yale ordered 772 of the chairs for the new humanities space from Eustis Chair. They ordered 585 Federal Reserve chairs in Red Oak and 187 Novato chairs in Beech.


novato chairFederal Reserve Chair

Eustis Chair and Yale University


Of course, Eustis Chair has manufactured chairs for Yale University in the past. In fact, a few of our chairs were originally custom designed for Yale University. We look forward to working with Ana Beha Architects and Yale University again in the future.

Yale Project

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