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Ivy League Stackable

The Ivy League Stackable chair brings the convenience and flexibility of a stacking chair to our Ivy League design; its predecessor was first created for Harvard University. Once we decided to tweak our original design we retained the transitional Chippendale style for a lasting impression.  The only major difference lies in eliminating the bottom stretchers, which remains sturdy with our unmatched construction techniques.

Like our other stacking wood chairs, this can stack up to six high, and each stack of chairs can be easily moved in or out of storage using a custom hand truck. Most importantly, the Ivy League Stackable is made with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, and carries a 20-year warranty against joint failure.

What type of seat can I have? Either upholstered or unupholstered.
Does this chair come with arms? This chair can come with or without arms.

Ivy League Stackable

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