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Massachusetts dining chair

Massachusetts School Dining Chairs

Eustis Chair manufactures custom school dining chairs in the USA. Today we will take a look at a few of our school dining projects in the state of Massachusetts. To see a map of featured projects both in and out of Massachusetts, click here.


Gordon College Tupper Dining Hall Chairs by Eustis Chair

Gordon College Tupper Hall in Wenham, Massachusetts


Eustis Chair worked with Bruner / Cott & Associates as well as Windover Construction for this project. We manufactured 408 Millbrook dining chairs. The college needed durable stacking chairs to match the wood panels in the dining hall. Eustis Chair delivered.


Massachusetts dining chair

Austin Prep in Reading, Massachusetts


Austin Preparatory School ordered 300 Bainbridge Junior chairs for their new dining hall. This school educates 750 middle-school through high-school-aged students. The school picked these chairs for their traditional look and their comfort. Austin Prep added custom laser engraving for an added touch of sophistication.


Harvard Dining Chair Projects by Eustis Chair


Eustis Chair has worked with Harvard on many occasions to manufacture dining furniture. Here are some of the notable Harvard installations we have completed.

  • Eustis Chair installation at Harvard Cronkhite Center in Cambridge, MA
  • Harvard’s Memorial Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Stacking Merrimac chairs were originally in the HBS Faculty Club, then Crimson Dining Commons, and are now in the Chao Center
  • Eustis Chair built and delivered chairs for the Grille at Harvard Business School located in the lower level of the Spangler Center
  • We custom designed and built 375 stacking Concord chairs for the Williams and Meredith Room for Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Kennedy School Dining Hall
  • Harvard Adams House
  • Harvard Duster House in Cambridge, Massachusetts 
  • Harvard Mather House in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Harvard University Quincy House 

You can read more about our Harvard-style seating here.


Other Notable Installations

  • Eustis Chair made chairs for two renovation projects at the top-ranked Deerfield Academy. Our latest collaboration with them included making chairs for the school’s off-hours dining center.
  • We installed 200 Council Room Armchairs that stack 6 chairs high at Williams College Faculty House/Alumni Center in Williamstown, Massachusetts.
  • Eustis Chair built chairs for Manchester Essex Regional Middle School located in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts 

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