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stacking chapel chair

Funeral Home Chairs

Stacking Chapel Chairs Pews are out, stacking hardwood stacking chapel chairs are in. Anyone that has been to a chapel knows that pews are awkward and uncomfortable to sit in. Therefore, many chapels across the nation are making the switch to stacking chairs. However, metal or... Read More

Lightweight Hardwood Stacking Chair

Brewster Academy

Lightweight Hardwood Stacking Chair Brewster Academy, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, is a boarding school. The school is almost 200 years old. That's a lot of tradition! The school aims to teach to each student's unique talents and skills. As a result, it offers an inclusive environment.... Read More

private club stacking chairs

Bay Colony Beach Club

Bay Colony Beach Club of Naples, Florida is basically paradise. Naples, Florida has nearly perfect weather. The staff is known to be attentive. Club members are pampered in style. They can enjoy the pool. Members can enjoy the gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico.... Read More

stacking hardwood dining hall chair

UW Madison’s Carson’s Market

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair Historical reproduction chairs are some of our favorite creations, especially a stacking hardwood dining hall chair. Our brand aligns with traditional and elegant furniture. What's more elegant than quality hardwood? Furthermore, consumers do not typically associate hardwood chairs with the word... Read More

collegiate Gothic

Cornell A. D. White House

Collegiate Gothic The collegiate gothic style has historical routes. Many colleges and universities chose to design their schools with this style in mind. Furthermore, the gothic style shows traditional and historical routes, two our specialities. Imagine having plastic or metal chairs in an elegant setting... Read More

Dining and Banquet Chair

New Chippendale Chair

Dining and Banquet Chair We recently designed the New Saint Martin chair. The stacking Saint Martin dining and banquet chair employs class and traditional Chippendale design elements. The Chippendale design has stood the test of time for centuries. Furthermore, the Chippendale style is aptly named after the... Read More

Stacking Banquet Chair

Bohemian Club

Stacking Banquet Chair The Bohemian Club of San Francisco is an extremely prestigious club. The club has a rich history and a truly elegant 1930's clubhouse. They reached out to us recently or a renovation project of their dining facility. They hope that the renovation and... Read More

Stacking Arm Chairs

Del Paso Country Club

Stacking Arm Chairs We pride ourselves in making the most beautiful yet durable hardwood chairs on the market. In fact, we design our chairs with high use spaces specifically in mind. Here at Eustis, we understand that well loved spaces have to put up with a... Read More

Stacking Chair

New Queen Anne

Stacking Chair Stacking chairs are our bread and butter. We know, you've heard it a million times before. However, stacking chairs are extremely important to us. Why buy a non-stacking chair when stacking chairs provide so many more benefits? Stacking chairs are perfect for high use... Read More