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state chair

Huron River

Stacking Banquet Arm Chairs The age old debate: wood chairs or plastic/metal? Plastic and mental chairs are certainly more cost effective, but they also look cheaper. Wooden chairs, however, are traditionally beautiful and provide exceptional comfort. Moreover, country clubs and private clubs around the United States... Read More

Elegant Hardwood Chair

Regency at Monroe

Elegant Hardwood Chair The quest is on for elegant hardwood chairs that also stack. But what is all the rage about? Well, we can answer that. Everyone knows hardwood chairs are the most elegant, comfortable, and luxurious. So what's the problem? Most hardwood chair manufacturers craft... Read More

wood library chairs

Chatham Hall Lee

Wood Library Chairs Chatham Hall hired Eustis Chair and Shepley Bulfinch Architects to work on a brand new collaboration. The Project aimed to transform their Lee Library into vibrant new learning commons. Furthermore, the renovation allows for collaborative research, studying, and learning. We are proud to... Read More

Wood Dining Chair

Harvard University Cronkhite Center

Wood Dining Chair Dining chairs are a core part of our business. Why? Because our mission is to make the most durable yet elegant hardwood chairs on the market. Our chairs were also specifically created with high use spaces in mind. We understand that well loved... Read More

traditional hardwood stacking chair

Marist Student Center

Marist Student Center Traditional Hardwood Stacking Chair College and university renovations are some of our best clients. We specialize heavily in chair for high uses spaces. In fact, our chairs are specifically designed for lasting use for 2 reason. First and foremost, we have the strongest... Read More

willard bar stool

Willard Wood Bar Stool

Wood Bar Stool We love chairs of all shapes and sizes. (Of course, we are extremely impartial to hardwood chairs).  In addition, we've built our business around durable yet elegant library, dining, and multipurpose chairs. However, recently, we decided to build a new wood  bar stool.... Read More

Hardwood Dining Hall Chairs

Burton Judson Court

Hardwood Dining Hall Chairs We are proud to be building our second chair order for the University of Chicago'. The University of Chicago is renovating their Burton-Judson Court's Dining Hall this summer. They loved our dining hall chairs so much that they decided to come back... Read More

Traditional Schoolhouse Chair

Episcopal High School

Traditional Schoolhouse Chair The Harkness style has become extremely popular in recent years. In fact, boarding and prep schools around the country are embracing this style. Harkness is a teaching style of collaboration and deep communication within students and staff. In addition, the method helps children... Read More

10-60 chair

The Eustis 10-60 Chair

10-60 Chair We hope you know by now that chairs are our thing. They are probably not as simple as you may think. Furthermore, a lot of thinking goes into creating the perfect chair for your needs. We want to make sure everything is perfect. Therefore,... Read More

banquet chair

The Country Club

Banquet Chair The first thing you think of when someone says the word "banquet chair" is elegance. It has to look beautiful and blend in with the elegance of the space itself. The second thing most people think of is durability. Moreover, to us, durability is... Read More