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What makes a chair stable?

What Makes a Chair Stable? 

A chair's stability is a product of its architecture. A stable chair has a good build and stable joints that can stand the test of time. A good build, especially with wood chairs, understands the requirements of its materials....

Welcoming Eustis Chair Intern Brigid

Welcoming Brigid

Eustis Chair would like to welcome our newest intern, Brigid, to the team. Let’s learn a little more about her and why she wanted to join our team. ...

2020 Boardroom Excellence Award

2020 Chair Manufacturer of the Year

Eustis Chair is proud to be recognized by Boardroom Magazine yet again. We won the “Chair Manufacturer of the Year” award for the second year in a row!...

novato chair

The Novato

The Novato is an adaptation of our popular Fairfield chair. The Novato chair has a traditional look. The chair's superior durability allows it to last for years in even the most demanding library environments. Moreover, our joinery is the best on the market. ...

willard chair

The Willard

For this design, we combined the seating geometry of our Monterey stacking chair with the comfort and transition elegance of our Charleston chair. This allowed us to create the elegant Willard chair. ...