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Classroom Chairs

Boise hardwood chair

Belmont Hill School

Harkness Chair The Harkness method has become extremely popular among boarding schools across the United States. The Harkenss style emphasizes unified, collaborative work among students and staff. Furthermore, this method is growing and is employed at many boarding schools. Therefore, Harkness tables were created to encourage... Read More

Traditional Schoolhouse Chair

Episcopal High School

Traditional Schoolhouse Chair The Harkness style has become extremely popular in recent years. In fact, boarding and prep schools around the country are embracing this style. Harkness is a teaching style of collaboration and deep communication within students and staff. In addition, the method helps children... Read More

Reading Room Chair

U Penn’s Houston Hall

Reading Room Chair Wooden chairs are by far the most comfortable and beautiful seating on the market. Furthermore, all of our chairs are customizable to suit the needs of your institution. You can have you pick of hardwood, chair model, stain, and upholstery that best suits... Read More

Boarding School Chair

University Liggett

Boarding School Chair Our mission is to create the most durable, sustainable, yet elegant chairs on the market. Therefore, we design our chairs specifically for high use spaces. Spaces such libraries, university dining halls, and study spaces face the most daily wear and tear. For the... Read More

custom chair

Yale University Bass Library Custom Chair

Custom Made Chairs Yale University enjoys working with Eustis Chair, and the feeling is mutual. For this project with Yale University, Eustis Chair paired up with Chicago based HBRA Architects. Yale University knew they wanted custom made chairs for their major renovation of the Bass Library, formerly... Read More

Harvard faculty club chairs

Stacking Chairs Go to HBS Faculty Club

Harvard faculty club chairs According to their website: "The Harvard Faculty Club is dedicated to offering quality meeting, conference, function, dining, and lodging services to a broad constituency including Harvard Faculty, alumni/ae, professional staff, long service employees, members of the Cambridge business community, and their guests." We... Read More

Cornell university chairs

Cornell Orders Oberlin Classroom Chairs

Cornell University is one of the greats. The university is in Ithaca, New York. Founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, it opened in 1868. In fact, it is the very first land-grant institution in New York state! It is a private,... Read More