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Private Club Seating

what is a country club?

What is a Country Club?

What is a country club? Ever sat down as asked yourself, 'what is a country club?' Well, we are here to help you out.  A country club is a privately owned club that typically requires a membership or invitation. Memberships are often on a quota system and... Read More

event chair

Mount Vernon Ladies Association

Event Chair Eustis Chairs were built for elegant spaces. Also, the prestige of a hardwood chair is universal. A plastic or metal chair in a high end space would just look out of place! Dozens of prestigious private clubs and dining spaces house our elegant wood... Read More

Yale Club of NYC

Yale Club of NYC Wood Dining Chair

Founded in 1897, The Yale Club of NYC is also known as The Yale Club. Accordingly, it is a private club in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The membership of the club is restricted almost entirely to alumni and faculty of Yale University. It has... Read More

Clarmont Stacking chair

Memphis Country Club Chippendale Chair

Chippendale Chair The Chippendale Chair is famous for being one most stunning chairs in history. Its timeless design has also made it one of the most sought after chair for elegant spaces. We loved its look so much that we decided to make our own version.... Read More

banquet chairs

Echo Lake Country Club Banquet Chairs

Banquet Chairs Banquet Chairs are our specialty! Our mission here at Eustis Chair is provide the most durable yet elegant stacking and non stacking chairs on the market. We also understand the need for moving ease in high use spaces. Therefore, almost all of our hardwood... Read More

elegant stacking chair

Cherokee Town Club

Elegant Stacking Chair Private clubs are a core part of our business. We love when clubs reach out to us towards the end of their renovation. They are always excited to put the finishing touches on their recent project with new furniture. Of course, we can... Read More

stacking dining chair

Orinda Country Club

Stacking Dining Chair Dining rooms are the perfect place for stacking dining chairs. Often times, private clubs or country clubs contain high end dining rooms. Furthermore, the elegance of a hardwood chair always elevate the atmosphere. Who wants a plastic or metal chairs in a timeless... Read More

Chippendale styled chairs

Echo Lake Country Club

Chippendale Styled Chairs  Renovation projects can be long and taxings. Especially renovation projects involving private clubs take u a lot of energy and resources. Most clubs chose to work with an architect or interior designer to mitigate the stress the managers. With every new renovation come... Read More

Wood Dining Chair

Duquesne Club

Wood Dining Chair Private clubs are a core component of our business. We live for the photos of the club renovation's final product. Furthermore, one of the reasons we love private clubs so much is their dining facilities. Clubs are always working to upgrade their facilities.... Read More

Hardwood Banquet Chairs

Woodstock Club Indianapolis

Hardwood Banquet Chairs Private clubs value high quality products over everything. Renovations are huge projects that require extreme attention to detail. Clubs often hire interior designers and architects to take a little stress of club managers. Furthermore, hiring experts there fields is a smart move. In... Read More