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dining hall chairs

stacking wood chair

Millbrook School

Stacking Wood Chair This is one of our personal favorites. Why? Because it's stunning! It is actually so beautiful that we installed it on our front page. We love working with high use spaces, especially universities and boarding schools. We know all about the wear and... Read More

Wood Dining Chair

Harvard University Cronkhite Center

Wood Dining Chair Dining chairs are a core part of our business. Why? Because our mission is to make the most durable yet elegant hardwood chairs on the market. Our chairs were also specifically created with high use spaces in mind. We understand that well loved... Read More

traditional hardwood stacking chair

Marist Student Center

Marist Student Center Traditional Hardwood Stacking Chair College and university renovations are some of our best clients. We specialize heavily in chair for high uses spaces. In fact, our chairs are specifically designed for lasting use for 2 reason. First and foremost, we have the strongest... Read More

Hardwood Dining Hall Chairs

Burton Judson Court

Hardwood Dining Hall Chairs We are proud to be building our second chair order for the University of Chicago'. The University of Chicago is renovating their Burton-Judson Court's Dining Hall this summer. They loved our dining hall chairs so much that they decided to come back... Read More

stacking hardwood dining hall chair

UW Madison’s Carson’s Market

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair Historical reproduction chairs are some of our favorite creations, especially a stacking hardwood dining hall chair. Our brand aligns with traditional and elegant furniture. What's more elegant than quality hardwood? Furthermore, consumers do not typically associate hardwood chairs with the word... Read More

collegiate Gothic

Cornell A. D. White House

Collegiate Gothic The collegiate gothic style has historical routes. Many colleges and universities chose to design their schools with this style in mind. Furthermore, the gothic style shows traditional and historical routes, two our specialities. Imagine having plastic or metal chairs in an elegant setting... Read More

Dining Hall Chairs

Skidmore College

Dining Hall Chairs Let us paint a picture. You walk into a beautiful dining hall in a collegiate gothic style and what do you see? Plastic and metal chairs! Not acceptable. Who wants to sit on cold hard plastic? We'd rather sit in in a comfortable... Read More

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair

Rhodes College

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair You know by now that dining halls are our specialty. Why? Because we design chairs specifically for high use spaces. In fact, our mission is to create a durable yet elegant stacking and non stacking hardwood dining hall chair. Furthermore, we... Read More

University Dining Chairs

Harvard Memorial Hall

University Dining Chairs Harvard University is one of our best clients. In fact, we've installed countless jobs at the university. Furthermore, they value our chairs for their durability and elegance. In fact, our chairs have withstood decades of use in their facility.  After 16 years of continuous... Read More

stacking hardwood chair

Michigan State

Stacking Hardwood Chair Dining rooms are our specialty. Why, you ask? Well, We'll tell you. First and foremost, dining rooms are extremely elegant. Every one of our clients have chosen our stacking hardwood chairs because they match the elegance of their facility. Hardwood chairs are by... Read More