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Spiritual Seating

stacking chapel chairs

Georgetown Installation

Georgetown Stacking Church Chairs Georgetown University is a private university located in Washington D.C. Georgetown's curriculum is full of intellectual rigor in addition to social justice components and self-reflection. Additionally, Georgetown has a Jesuit heritage which allows for all faith traditions on their campus. Moreover, they... Read More

stacking pew chairs

Eustis Chairs 15 Years Later: Phillips Exeter Chapel

Stacking Pew Chairs Back in January 2003 we delivered 300 chairs to the Phillips Exeter Academy for their chapel, which was built in the 1800s and serves as the school hub for interfaith events and activities. The Exeter Modular Pew, seen in these photos and in... Read More

Stacking Chapel Wood Chairs

TCU Chapel Chairs

Stacking Chapel Wood Chairs Stacking chapel wood chairs? You got it! We worked with Texas Christian University on their brand new chapel project. Furthermore, the Facilities and Interior Design team hired Eustis Chair to build their brand chapel chairs. Therefore, we built TCU our Boise model stacking... Read More

Merrimac stacking chair

Richmond Funeral Home

Stacking Chapel Chairs This is one of the first funeral home projects we've ever done. Typically, we fit libraries, universities, and dining spaces with the perfect hardwood chair. However, we are switching it up! Furthermore, funeral homes are starting to make the switch from pews to... Read More

church chair

First United Methodist of Fort Worth

Church Chair Churches across the United States are making the switch from pews to chairs. Why? Because of their convenience and elegance. It's no secret that wooden pews are out dated. However, hardwood chairs are just the rave this season. All of our chairs are completely... Read More

Chapel Chairs

Swan Point Cemetery

Wood Chapel Chairs More and more often, we are discovering that chapels are making the switch from pews to hardwood chairs. Pews are tradition, but out of date when it come to comfort and elegance. Wood chapel chairs, one the other hand, provide immense comfort and... Read More

stacking chapel chair

Funeral Home Chairs

Stacking Chapel Chairs Pews are out, stacking hardwood stacking chapel chairs are in. Anyone that has been to a chapel knows that pews are awkward and uncomfortable to sit in. Therefore, many chapels across the nation are making the switch to stacking chairs. However, metal or... Read More

Church Chairs

Phillips Exeter Academy

Church Chairs Churches and chapels across the United States are now making the switch from standard pews to stacking hardwood chairs. Standard pews are uncomfortable and mobile. However, stacking hardwood chairs are perfect for storage and ease in set up and take down for facility staff.... Read More

stacking hardwood chairs

Canadian Funeral Chairs

Chapel Chairs Recently, chapels across the US (and Canada!) are starting to upgrade their chapels. Chapels are getting rid of their traditions pews and ordering wooden stacking chairs. Why? Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events. Hardwood chairs also provide... Read More

Virginian stacking chairs

Seattle Temple Chairs

Stacking Side Chair Stacking Chairs are our bread and butter. In fact, our company is unique because we re some of the only vendors that make stacking hardwood chairs. Most institutions that desire stacking chairs must chose metal or plastic chairs. Furthermore, these chairs just do... Read More