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Eustis Chair Blog

Library and Study Chair

New Skidmore

Library and Study Chair It's no secret that hardwood chairs beat metal and plastic chairs for appearance and comfort. Therefore, hardwood chairs are perfect for library and study spaces. Universities across the country praise our durable yet elegant chairs for their ability to suit their institutions.    Skidmore... Read More

Reading Room Chair

U Penn’s Houston Hall

Reading Room Chair Wooden chairs are by far the most comfortable and beautiful seating on the market. Furthermore, all of our chairs are customizable to suit the needs of your institution. You can have you pick of hardwood, chair model, stain, and upholstery that best suits... Read More

Grillroom Chairs

Southampton Golf Club

Grillroom Chair Private clubs are some our best clients. In fact, private clubs share our similar values. Our mission is to create the most beautiful yet durable chairs on the market. Many private clubs also treasure traditional furniture for members of all ages and families. In... Read More

Stacking Library Chair

Los Angeles Library

Stacking Library Chair Libraries are extremely high use spaces and face a ton of daily wear and tear. No need to worry, your chairs are safe with us. In fact, our mission is to create the most durable, sustainable, and and elegant chair on the market.... Read More

Dining Hall Chairs

Skidmore College

Dining Hall Chairs Let us paint a picture. You walk into a beautiful dining hall in a collegiate gothic style and what do you see? Plastic and metal chairs! Not acceptable. Who wants to sit on cold hard plastic? We'd rather sit in in a comfortable... Read More

University Club Chair

Buffalo Club

Chippendale Dining Chairs The Buffalo Club came to us with an exciting renovation project. They desired to upgrade their facilities for the benefit of their members. The club wanted to create a more luxurious space.  Their high use space, of course, needed needs to withstand the daily... Read More

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair

Rhodes College

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair You know by now that dining halls are our specialty. Why? Because we design chairs specifically for high use spaces. In fact, our mission is to create a durable yet elegant stacking and non stacking hardwood dining hall chair. Furthermore, we... Read More

Custom Replica Chairs

Rice University

Custom Replica Chairs Every one of our chairs is custom made. What does that mean? We make every single order exactly the way you want it. In fact, we make everything from the model, hardwood, stain, and upholstery to match your institution's needs. We are also... Read More

Church Chairs

Phillips Exeter Academy

Church Chairs Churches and chapels across the United States are now making the switch from standard pews to stacking hardwood chairs. Standard pews are uncomfortable and mobile. However, stacking hardwood chairs are perfect for storage and ease in set up and take down for facility staff.... Read More

university club stacking chair

University of Florida Phi Mu Sorority Stacking Chair

Sorority Stacking Chair University of Florida, in Gainesville, Florida, is a public land grant institution. It started in 1853 and has operated in Gainesville since 1906. The university is well-known for its sports teams. Their mascot the Florida Gator was even the inspiration for Gatorade. Gatorade... Read More