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chair terminology

Chair Terminology Guide

Chair Terminology Guide Have you ever purchased chairs for your organization? Do you know exactly what to call each part of the chair? We have got you covered. Eustis Chair has been an industry leader for over 30 years. We have learned a lot in that time. Now,... Read More

stacking chapel chairs

Georgetown Installation

Georgetown Stacking Church Chairs Georgetown University is a private university located in Washington D.C. Georgetown's curriculum is full of intellectual rigor in addition to social justice components and self-reflection. Additionally, Georgetown has a Jesuit heritage which allows for all faith traditions on their campus. Moreover, they... Read More

university study room chairs

Villanova Study Chairs

Villanova’s New Residential University Study Room Chairs After 9 years in the making, Villanova recently completed it $225 million residential hall project for university students. At this point, the renovation aimed to sustain the universities collegiate gothic style. It was meant to capture Villanova’s style and... Read More

Quarter Sawn white oak

Quarter Sawn vs. Plain Sawn

The Difference Between Plain Sawn and Quarter Sawn White Oak White oak is one of the most popular choices for hardwood furniture. White Oak comes from the oak tree and tends to be a light beige or brown color. Customers praise white oak for its versatility... Read More

selecting wood chairs

5 Tips For Selecting Wood Chairs

There are a lot of wood chairs on the market. This list provides you with 5 key chair buying tips to consider before making a purchase. Research Types of Wood: Furniture is typically made of either veneer, laminate or solid wood. Veneer is technically a very thin... Read More

country club chair

Circle Back Chair

Quail West Inspires New Circle Back Stacking Country Club Chair  We teamed up with the prestigious Quail West Golf and Country Club of Naples, Florida for a special renovation project. The 600 member club is known for its elegance and luxury, with its 70,000 square foot... Read More

stacking hardwood chairs

Our Top Stacking Hardwood Chairs

The best wood stacking chairs on the market Half of our line is made up of stacking hardwood chairs, a wildly popular choice for our clients nationwide. (The rest of our line can be built to stack too!) This way, your institution can embrace both the... Read More

historic wood chair

George Washington and Mount Vernon

George Washington and Mount Vernon Mount Vernon is the history filled home of the first President of the United States, George Washington. It is just a stone's throw away from Washington D.C. in Mount Vernon, Virginia. There are so many things to see at Mount Vernon.... Read More

private club wood chair

Harbour Trees Golf & Beach Club

Private Club Wood Chair Private Clubs are some of our best clients. We love working on renovation projects for country clubs or golf clubs. The addition of chairs to dining areas or member spaces is the perfect finishing touch. Elegant hardwood chairs tie the room together.... Read More

stacking chair

University of Wisconsin Dining

Dining Hall Stacking Chair There's not doubt that dining halls are some of the highest use spaces in a university. In fact, dining halls see more foot traffic than any other space. Everyone needs to eat! When students come to their dining hall, they of course,... Read More