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Harvard Business School Installs Concord Chairs

Fine dining wood chairs in America's premier institutions Last week we helped the team at Harvard Business School (HBS) install over three hundred Concord fine dining wood chairs to their events ballroom space. The Concords went into the same building as our Ivy League seating; this... Read More

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La Rinconada Chairs

Concord Hardwood Chair Earlier this year we delivered over 200 Concord hardwood chairs to La Rinconada Country Club. The Club's history extends back to the Roaring Twenties in Los Gatos, California. It began as a sprawling golf course for the Bay Area elite. This club is... Read More

Library Renovation

Concord Public Library

Library Renovation The town of Concord, Massachusetts takes its history very seriously. Therefore, the choice of furnishings for The Concord Free Public Library renovation and expansion was very important. The committee chose Boston architect Johnson Roberts Associates. They also worked with OSO interiors. After much deliberation, they... Read More