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fine dining wood chairs

Harvard Business School Installs Concord Chairs

Fine dining wood chairs in America's premier institutions Last week we helped the team at Harvard Business School (HBS) install over three hundred Concord fine dining wood chairs to their events ballroom space. The Concords went into the same building as our Ivy League seating; this... Read More

red sox chairs

Fenway Park

Red Sox Win Big With Eustis Chairs at Fenway Park Boston's Fenway Park worked with us to craft over 500 premium dining chairs and barstools for their premier clubs. They may be one of our most recognizable clients, and need no introduction as home to the... Read More

Boise Chairs Given New Role at Belmont Hill School

Wood chairs brighten any space they're in, as Belmont Hill School can attest with our Boise model. We delivered several Boise chairs to the School in 2014 for use around Harkness tables in their academic center. Like most schools, Belmont Hill's needs changed over the years. With larger... Read More

country club barstools

Longmeadow Chairs and Barstools

Country Club Barstools and Chairs Now that the 4th of July weekend is here, country clubs across the country are excited about parties and get-togethers. Longmeadow Country Club in western Massachusetts is no exception in this regard. However, their gatherings are supremely exceptional with their... Read More

wood barstool

Corinthian Yacht Club Nautical Chairs

Nautical Wood Barstool We installed two models of Eustis Chair to the Corinthian Yacht Club. The yacht club chose the Virginian side chair and the Jenkins barstool.  In fact, the yacht club is located in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The Club was first organized in the nineteenth century,... Read More

Harriett E. Richards House

Harriett E. Richards Chairs

Harriett Richards House and Eustis Chair Eustis Chair is proud to build our Claremont stacking chair for an amazing co-op. First, Boston University is a private, research-based university located in Boston, Massachusetts. Accordingly, near the campus at Boston University, is the Harriet Richards House. Therefore, the beautiful... Read More

Sustainable Dining Hall

Gordon College Tupper Dining Hall

Sustainable Dining Hall Gordon College is in Wenham, Massachusetts. Gordon is only 3 miles from the ocean. It's also a quick 25 mile trip to Boston. It is one of the top Christian colleges in the USA. Evidently, it is the only denominational Christian university in... Read More

wood library chairs

America’s First Lending Library

Sustainable Wood Library Chairs We love library renovations almost as much as we love chairs! Recently,  worked with Franklin Public Library. Franklin Public Library is located in Massachusetts. A while back, Frankin decided to renovate its historic library. They also decided to expand the capacity of their... Read More

Prep School Stacking Chairs

Roxbury Latin School

Prep School Stacking Chairs Boarding school renovation projects are close to our hearts as they were some of our first. Similarly, we love outfitting dining halls, libraries, and event spaces for boarding schools. High use spaces in boarding schools are community centers. We believe in gathering... Read More

Stacking Upholstered Chairs

A Chair With Three Lives

Stacking Upholstered Chairs Our chairs are so durable that they often last a lifetime! Say goodbye to replacing your hardwood chairs every 5 years. Our superior, patented joinery allows for extreme durability. In addition, all of our chairs come with a 20 year warranty! Because our... Read More