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stackable wood chairs

Optimize Your Seat Count with 10-60 Chairs

Stackable Wood Chairs: Optimize Your Seat Count with 10-60 Chairs   Weddings and other functions tend towards needing as much seating as possible in their fine dining banquet halls. To allow as much room as possible, we developed 10-60 versions of select chair designs. These chairs are... Read More

Hardwood Banquet Chairs

Woodstock Club Indianapolis

Hardwood Banquet Chairs Private clubs value high quality products over everything. Renovations are huge projects that require extreme attention to detail. Clubs often hire interior designers and architects to take a little stress of club managers. Furthermore, hiring experts there fields is a smart move. In... Read More

10-60 chair

The Eustis 10-60 Chair

10-60 Chair We hope you know by now that chairs are our thing. They are probably not as simple as you may think. Furthermore, a lot of thinking goes into creating the perfect chair for your needs. We want to make sure everything is perfect. Therefore,... Read More