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The Cataumet

The Cataumet

We manufacture the Cataumet chair in our U.S. chair factory from your choice of durable hardwood. We can also custom stain your seating to match your tables, mill-work or project. Our expert American craftsmen can modify the design for your unique needs. This includes stains...

burton judson chair

The Burton Judson

We originally designed Burton Judson for the University of Chicago. This was a repeat order as we originally created our Bartlett Hall dining chair for the University of Chicago's dining hall all the way back in 2002....

The Medford

The Medford

We developed the Medford chair for a West Coast library. The chair brings a contemporary look to the traditional ladder back design. The design is extremely simple, yet elegant. Moreover, the slight curves of its back rails almost cradle the back resting against it. This...

harkness chair

The Harkness Chair

The Harkness is a classic style of chair. It has elements of a Windsor chair, a very traditional design. The Harkness chair was first designed for Philips Exeter Academy. Furthermore, the Harkness learning style was first invented as a collaborative classroom space. The style highlighted...

Traditional vs. Contemporary Chair Styles

You're currently looking for the perfect traditional wood chairs for your project or renovation, and you may be debating what style fits best with your overall design vision: traditional vs. contemporary chairs. Both types of seating have their advantages, especially when paired with the most...

chair joints

Joints Matter for Institutional Use

There are several types of wood joints that are in use today. Almost none can guarantee strong chair joints that will never wobble. Our biggest difference from the competition is our proprietary Eustis Joint. The Eustis Joint combines mortise and tenon construction with modern engineering....