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Arm Chairs

Eustis arm chairs are hand assembled by our team of expert chair builders from sustainably grown hardwoods in our United States chair factory in the Northeast. Each model can be made with wood or cushioned seats, and leads the industry in durability and elegance. Our unique line of stacking hardwood arm chairs stack up to six high, and can be easily moved with our custom chair transporter. Please note that most Eustis Chairs are available with arms even if not featured below. See Eustis Arm Chair News

Bartlett Hall Arm

Bohemian Arm

Burton Judson Arm


Charleston Arm

Claremont Arm

Council Room Arm


Elting Room

Fairfield Arm

Federal Reserve

Grill Room

Ivy League Arm

Jenkins Arm


Kennedy Club

King and Prince Arm

Merrimac Arm

Saint Marks Arm

Saint Martin Arm


State Arm

University Club Arm

Virginian Arm