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wood captain chair

Durable Wood Captain Chair

Wood Captain Chair A good wood Captain Chair goes way back. In fact, they were invented basically at our country's beggining. They are celebrated for their traditional look prestigious value. Therefore, we thought we'd do our country justice and recreate this chair as a historical reproduction.... Read More

Claremont stacking hardwood chair

Stacking Chippendale Chairs

Claremont Stacking Hardwood Chair The Schuyler Meadows Club recently reached out to us to talk about a possible chair project. The Meadows Club is located near Albany, New York. Management loved our elegant chairs, from what they saw in our catalog and website. They also heard great... Read More

stacking dining and banquet chairs

Empire 10-60

Stacking Dining and Banquet Chairs Our mission is to create the most beautiful, yet durable chairs on the market. For your even space needs, plastic or metal chairs are always an option. However, these materials do not provide the same elegance and timeless appearance that wood... Read More

stacking chair

University of Wisconsin Dining

Dining Hall Stacking Chair There's not doubt that dining halls are some of the highest use spaces in a university. In fact, dining halls see more foot traffic than any other space. Everyone needs to eat! When students come to their dining hall, they of course,... Read More

wood folding chair

Durable Folding Wood Chair

Durable Folding Wood Chair A folding wood chair? Bet you never saw this one coming! I'm sure by now you know that we specialize in extremely durable, elegant, stacking and non stacking wooden chairs. We focus on beautiful hardwood furniture that stands the test of time.... Read More

forbes best colleges

2015 Forbes Best Colleges

2015 Forbes Best Colleges List Eustis Chair is proud to announce our clients made the Forbes Best Colleges list. In fact, 20 of our College and University hardwood chair clients were featured. Albeit, they were listed in the top 50 of the annual list. Therefore, Forbes... Read More

study room chair

Saint Ignatius College Prep Study Hall

Study Room Chair: Saint Ignatius College Prep Study Hall Saint Ignatius is in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1870, Saint Ignatius College Prep values tradition. It is a Jesuit Catholic school. In fact, it is Chicago's first Jesuit school! The school serves over 1400 students from 160... Read More

wood college chairs

Baylor’s 1845 at Memorial Dining Hall

Wood College Chairs by Eustis Chair Baylor University is in Waco, Texas. Thus, their championship football team is well-known. In Texas, football is life. In fact, Baylor is part of the Big 12. Indeed, championship football seasons lead to more national visibility for a school. Consequently,... Read More

Barstool Chair

New Barstool for Duke University

Barstool Chair for Duke University Duke University is in Durham, North Carolina. It started in 1838. It is still thriving today. In fact, Duke now enrolls over 6,500 undergraduate students annually. They also enroll about 8,500 graduate students each year. Thus, this type of growth calls... Read More