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Eustis Chair Blog

Eustis stacking chairs

Toll Brothers Liseter Clubhouse

Eustis Stacking Chairs We installed our Eustis Stacking Chairs in our Regency Monroe luxury home development.    Toll Brothers and Interior Designers, Mary Cook Associates, designed this project. They came back to Eustis Chair for chairs at the new luxury home community Clubhouse. The community clubhouse is located at Liseter located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Furthermore,...

stacking wood chair

Millbrook School

Stacking Wood Chair This is one of our personal favorites. Why? Because it's stunning! It is actually so beautiful that we installed it on our front page. We love working with high use spaces, especially universities and boarding schools. We know all about the wear and... Read More

Merrimac stacking chair

Richmond Funeral Home

Stacking Chapel Chairs This is one of the first funeral home projects we've ever done. Typically, we fit libraries, universities, and dining spaces with the perfect hardwood chair. However, we are switching it up! Furthermore, funeral homes are starting to make the switch from pews to... Read More

elegant stacking chair

Cherokee Town Club

Elegant Stacking Chair Private clubs are a core part of our business. We love when clubs reach out to us towards the end of their renovation. They are always excited to put the finishing touches on their recent project with new furniture. Of course, we can... Read More

Boise hardwood chair

Belmont Hill School

Harkness Chair The Harkness method has become extremely popular among boarding schools across the United States. The Harkenss style emphasizes unified, collaborative work among students and staff. Furthermore, this method is growing and is employed at many boarding schools. Therefore, Harkness tables were created to encourage... Read More

traditional library chair

Williams College New

Traditional Library Chair Libraries have been a core part of business since basically we began. Our mission is to craft the most durable, yet elegant chairs for high use spaces. We understand that a traditional library chair faces more wear and tear than any other type... Read More

stacking dining chair

Orinda Country Club

Stacking Dining Chair Dining rooms are the perfect place for stacking dining chairs. Often times, private clubs or country clubs contain high end dining rooms. Furthermore, the elegance of a hardwood chair always elevate the atmosphere. Who wants a plastic or metal chairs in a timeless... Read More

Chippendale styled chairs

Echo Lake Country Club

Chippendale Styled Chairs  Renovation projects can be long and taxings. Especially renovation projects involving private clubs take u a lot of energy and resources. Most clubs chose to work with an architect or interior designer to mitigate the stress the managers. With every new renovation come... Read More

durable arm chair

Chippendale Stacking

Durable Arm Chair We craft chairs for general use. However, we also craft chairs with a specific use or space in mind. Furthermore, some of our chairs are perfect for libraries, council rooms, and of course, dining spaces. Dining spaces are near to our hearts as... Read More