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Sustainable Dining Hall

Gordon College Tupper Dining Hall

Sustainable Dining Hall Gordon College is in Wenham, Massachusetts. Gordon is only 3 miles from the ocean. It's also a quick 25 mile trip to Boston. It is one of the top Christian colleges in the USA. Evidently, it is the only denominational Christian university in... Read More

hardwood restaurant chairs

Uno Pizzeria Deep Creek

Hardwood Restaurant Chairs Hardwood restaurant chairs galore! We worked with Uno Pizzeria & Grill on their renovation project. Uno Pizzeria & Grill is located in Deep Creek, Maryland. The  Deep Creel location is one of the busiest and highest grossing restaurants of the more 130 Uno's locations.... Read More

stacking hardwood dining hall chair

Millbrook School Dining Hall

School Dining Hall Chair The Millbrook School came to us with an exciting new renovation project. They had big plans to renovate their dining hall. Whats a beautiful dining hall without a superior school dining hall chair? Ridiculous, we know! Therefore, of course, we decided to... Read More