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From Boardroom to Classroom: Eustis Chair’s Versatile School Seating Solutions

Creating functional and aesthetically pleasing seating solutions is crucial in educational environments, where comfort and durability play a significant role in promoting effective learning and collaboration. Eustis Chair has established itself as a leading provider of versatile seating options that excel in both form and...

School Dining Furniture

School Dining Furniture: What You Need to Know

School dining halls are a hub for the campus community. Students come to dining halls not just for food, but to spend time with friends, study, or prepare for the rest of the day. A student center is easily one of the most important places...

social distancing

How are teachers arranging classrooms for social distancing?

As the school year quickly approaches, school districts are in the midst of finalizing their plans for the year. Many schools are being asked to create different classroom arrangements for social distancing....