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The Cotswold

The Cotswold

The Cotswold chair by Eustis Chair is an antique reproduction chair. The style of this particular dining and library chair dates all the way back to the 1600s! This style of furniture originated in the Cotswold region of England. That's how the chair got...

the cascade

The Cascade

The Cascade chair is our most contemporary design. It is also our first chair with round front and back posts. With this design, we stepped into 21st Century design. The chair's design elements include an elongated seat depth for further comfort and panel seat backs...

ashburnham chair

The Ashburnham

Eustis Chair builds the Ashburnham chair is with our proprietary Eustis Joint®. The Ashburnham's designed to be a more affordable chair; one that can take the daily abuse of any school dining hall or library. This seating still has the look and feel of quality...

boise stack chair

The Boise Stack

The Boise Stack chair, by Eustis Chair, is stackable. We manufactured this chair for our West Coast library customers. They came to us looking for a more contemporary look. We combined the look, of course, with our "bullet-proof" construction capabilities. The Belmont Hill School in...

boise stack chair

The Boise

The Boise chair incorporates some of the design features of the Eustis Chair Jenkins and Westlake chairs. However, it is a brand new design for a contemporary space. The wide, singular back splat provides an interesting visual effect for modern tastes and comfort. Libraries and classrooms that want...