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What Makes a Chair Strong

Durable Hardwood Chair and Joinery

Durable Chair Hardwood and Joinery So, what makes a chair strong? There are various factors to chair strength. These include materials, levelness, and of course, joinery. First, lets talk about material. Chairs can be built from any wood available. Softer hardwoods make for more comfortable chairs. Softer hardwoods... Read More

university study room chairs

Villanova Study Chairs

Villanova’s New Residential University Study Room Chairs After 9 years in the making, Villanova recently completed it $225 million residential hall project for university students. At this point, the renovation aimed to sustain the universities collegiate gothic style. It was meant to capture Villanova’s style and... Read More

stacking wood chairs

Five Reasons to Choose Wood Chairs that Stack

Wood Chairs that Stack: Five Reasons to Choose Wood Chairs that Stack Your facilities likely include rooms that must be rearranged for different events, which can seem a monumental task to perform again and again. You might also face difficulty when it comes time to deep... Read More

wood caster chairs

Durable Casters

Wood Caster Chairs When you need durable wooden chairs for high use areas, details matter.  We focus our attention on design. We want to make sure every part of your chairs are perfect for your space. From the chair joints, down to our optional castors, they... Read More

boston symphony orchestra

Boston Symphony Orchestra Chooses Eustis Chair

Boston Symphony Orchestra Chooses Eustis Chair The Boston Symphony Orchestra is well-known. In fact, they put on over 250 shows each season. The inaugural concert happened in 1881. Consequently, today the orchestra reaches millions of fans. When the symphony is not playing at Boston's Symphony Hall, they... Read More

contemporary chair

Harvard Dunster House Study Chairs

A Contemporary Chair for Harvard University Eustis Chair recently teamed up with Harvard University to make a contemporary chair. In addition, the chair is for the Harvard Dunster House. Obviously, Harvard is the oldest college in the country. Established in 1636, Harvard's first benefactor was John... Read More

Wood Dining Chair

Duquesne Club

Wood Dining Chair Private clubs are a core component of our business. We live for the photos of the club renovation's final product. Furthermore, one of the reasons we love private clubs so much is their dining facilities. Clubs are always working to upgrade their facilities.... Read More

stacking hardwood dining hall chair

UW Madison’s Carson’s Market

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair Historical reproduction chairs are some of our favorite creations, especially a stacking hardwood dining hall chair. Our brand aligns with traditional and elegant furniture. What's more elegant than quality hardwood? Furthermore, consumers do not typically associate hardwood chairs with the word... Read More

Durable Chairs

Spain Chooses Durable Chairs

Durable Chairs Eustis chair is a Boston based company. Historically speaking, most of our installations have been to Unite States based libraries, private clubs, and universities. However, we recently completed an installation to Canada, which was our first 'international order'. Furthermore, To us, international countries seeing... Read More

Antique Wood Arm Chair

Cotswold Antique Chair

Antique Wood Arm Chair The Cotswold region in England is known for its rolling hills and natural beauty. Furthermore, we believe that nature beauty inspired the original chair design over 200 years ago. This antique reproduction chair has been engineered for institutional. We loved it so... Read More